Reagan’s attempted assassin is freed

John Hinckley, who tried to kill Ronald Reagan in 1981, will be released from the mental hospital where he has been confined.  He fired six shots, wounding the president and four others, including James Brady, who was seriously injured.  His death two years ago from long-term complications was ruled a homicide. [Read more…]

Three officers killed in Baton Rouge

Three police officers were killed and three were wounded in Baton Rouge, the site of a controversial shooting of a suspect two weeks ago.  Since then, 10 policemen–in Dallas, Michigan, and now Baton Rouge–have been murdered.  For the emotional toll this is taking on the nation’s police officers, see this. [Read more…]

Terrorist attack in France kills 84

As Bastille Day celebrants packed the streets watching fireworks in Nice, France, a large truck broke through barriers and accelerated into the crowd, driving for over a mile until he jumped out of the cab and started shooting.  He was killed by police.  The death count stands at 75, with over 100 injured.

Authorities are calling this a terrorist attack.

UPDATE:  The death toll has risen to 84, with many more in critical condition.  Two Americans are among the dead.  The killer has been identified as Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel.   See this.

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A national conversation

The shootings of the last few weeks–of black suspects; of police–have at least provoked what has seemed to be impossible:  a national conversation over race.

We have black people defending the police; gun rights activists defending a black man shot by police; liberals questioning their extreme rhetoric; conservatives showing empathy for both sides.  Moving outside the usual categories is a helpful thing, if we are going to face up to our problems and do something about them.  So says conservative columnist Jonah Goldberg. . . . [Read more…]

Five police killed, seven wounded, at “Black Lives Matter” rally

Snipers killed five police officers, wounded seven more, plus two civilians in Dallas last night.  It happened at a “Black Lives Matter” march, protesting police killings of black men in Louisiana and Minnesota.  Three suspects are in custody.  One shooter was killed by a robot bomb.   Details after the jump. [Read more…]

Hillary Clinton let off the hook

The FBI director scolded Hillary Clinton for her illegal e-mail set-up and her careless handling of classified information.  But then he said that no charges would be filed against her.

“Although there is evidence of potential violations of the statutes regarding the handling of classified information,” he said,  “our judgment is that no reasonable prosecutor would bring such a case. Prosecutors necessarily weigh a number of factors before deciding whether to bring charges.”  Of course they do.  And one factor for administration prosecutors is that the violator of the statutes is the presumptive Democratic nominee for president. [Read more…]