Homecoming parade killings

In Stillwater, Oklahoma, not far from where we live now, a woman drove her car into the crowd at a packed homecoming parade for Oklahoma State University.  Four people were killed and nearly 50 were injured.  At first, it was said that the 25-year-0ld woman was intoxicated, but now doubts have been raised about that explanation.  Her lawyer says she is mentally ill. [Read more…]

Anti-Christian violence?

Most of the media discussions about the shootings in Oregon, in which nine people were killed and ten more wounded, are about the availability of fire-arms.  But another theme may be more to the point:  The killer reportedly was targeting Christians.

Some are disputing or downplaying that now, so we may know more as the investigation proceeds.  But, still, this may be a case of anti-Christian violence. [Read more…]

How legalized marijuana is working out in Colorado

The 17 states that are considering legalizing marijuana are being told about all kinds of economic benefits for doing so.  But in the case of Colorado, where legalized pot shops are proliferating, things haven’t worked out exactly as planned.  And there have been some unintended consequences. [Read more…]


The internet purports to offer the cover of anonymity for embarrassing vices, but that is not always the case, as the number of people whose reputation has been ruined by the Ashley Madison hacks have learned.  Now there is a new class of online/cellphone virus called ransomware.

This often preys on the user’s fear of being exposed.  For example, in a recent case, a porn app takes your picture, take over your device, and blocks your phone, supposedly on the grounds of your using child pornography.  It demands $500 to unfreeze your phone and make it all go away.  Thus blackmail and extortion enter the information age. [Read more…]

Scam, fraud, and blackmail at Wikipedia

Wikipedia has banned 381 of its editors for scamming and in some cases extorting small businesses and celebrities, taking money to get favorable articles approved and “protected.” [Read more…]

Why there is heroin in the heartland

Heroin used to be a plague in the big cities, but today heroin addiction is rampant in the small towns of America’s heartland.  Rod Dreher reviews what sounds like an important book, Sam Quinones, Dreamland: The True Tale of America’s Opiate Epidemic.  It is a tale of a peaceful network of illegal immigrants, a new marketing strategy featuring personal deliveries and customer service, and the legacy of pain pill addiction.  Underlying it all is the goal of avoiding all pain and of attaining a state of “permanent pleasure.” [Read more…]