Biphobia against bisexuals

Another sexual minority is coming out of the closet:  bisexuals–those with attractions both to the opposite sex and to their own–a group often condemned by gay activists, who deny there is such a thing.  And yet bisexuals reportedly constitute 40% of the LGBT community.  After the jump, an account of an effort to form “more bisexual-friendly churches.”

Honest question:  Wouldn’t it be legitimate to encourage bisexual individuals, especially those in the church, to enter into a heterosexual marriage, in which he or she would be faithful, suppressing all other sexual desires, as all other married couples are expected to do? [Read more...]

Will marriage wreck the gay identity?

The New York Times reports that some gays are worrying that legalized marriage and their new social acceptance will mean a loss for gay identity and gay culture.  Some telling quotes in the article:  “The thing I miss is the specialness of being gay.”  “There is something wonderful about being part of an oppressed community.”

Hey, maybe Christians now can feel special and and will come to enjoy that wonder!

But seriously, one of the arguments for gay marriage made by early proponents such as Andrew Sullivan is that gay people need to abandon the promiscuity that has tended to characterize their culture–which manifested itself in the AIDS epidemic–and embrace the social order found in marriage.

Do you think, now that gays can marry, that we can return to the ethic of no sex outside of marriage?  Studies do show that while pre-marital sex is tolerated, being unfaithful to one’s spouse is still seen as a bad thing.   Will gays adopt that ethic, or will the sexual exclusivity of marriage be the next to go–some married gays say they are “monogamish”–in which case, will marriage itself lose its point?  Or will gays settle down into married domesticity? [Read more...]

Changing language taboos

Some words are taboo, so that when they are used they constitute the “bad language” of socially inappropriate “swearing.”  Those taboo words used to consist of the irreverent use of religious language.  Then words about sex and “bodily functions” became taboo swear words.  Now,  profanity (words that profane what is sacred) and obscenity (words about what is done “out of the scene,” or out of sight, referring to sex and excretion) have become commonplace, even in public social situations.

Our culture doesn’t take religion or the body as seriously any more, so words about them are not so shocking.  Now our forbidden words are “slurs,” words that denigrate racial, ethnic, gender, or sexual groups.  The shock of hearing those taboo words and the social disapproval they create are equivalent to what the old “bad language” used to create.  So says linguist Randall Eggert, who discusses ‘how the n-word became the new f-word.” [Read more...]

“Elder orphans”

As the Baby Boomers move into old age, a new problem is emerging. Many of them chose not to have children.  Now large percentages of the elderly will have no children or other family members to care for them.  As it is, 60% of the residents of nursing homes have no regular visitors.  These isolated old folks are being called “elder orphans.” [Read more...]

How should Republicans respond?

Pretty much all of the Republican presidential candidates, with different tones and emphases, are pro-life, anti-gay marriage social conservatives.  So are they politically doomed in today’s socially-liberal cultural climate? [Read more...]

“Voting Republican will not save us now”

Rod Dreher takes a bleak look at the Supreme Court decision legalizing gay marriage.  It is now clear, he says, that we really do live in a post-Christian culture.  Now that homosexuality has been given the status of race, the government and the public really are going to go after those who don’t believe that homosexuality is moral.  The institution of marriage as a whole is going to be affected, since, if it can be redefined at will, it will no longer have any boundaries.  So Christians will have to live as exiles in their own country.  Dreher goes on to advocate “the Benedict option.”

What do you think about this?  Is Dreher over-stating the problems?  Are things really going to be that bad? [Read more...]