PC police go after Martin Luther King

The University of Oregon has a statue of Martin Luther King, Jr., in its student union, along with a quotation from his “I have a dream” speech:

“I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.”

Some students are personally offended by that quotation and tried to get it removed. [Read more…]

President of Concordia-Edmonton responds

We blogged about how Concordia University Edmonton repudiated its Christian identity.  Now the president of that institution, Dr. Gerald Krispin, has written an open letter to the Lutheran Church of Canada, explaining why this action was taken and repenting for the way he handled it.

The letter is open, honest, and full of grief, but he said that the college had to take that step to keep up its government funding, which they had become dependent upon due to the church’s lack of financial support.  But he admits that now Concordia-Edmonton will go the way of so many other formerly Christian institutions.  After the jump, I excerpt the letter and give my own opinion about how this action is unlikely to save the school. [Read more…]

Canadian Lutheran schools & LGBTQ laws

The government of Alberta has decreed that all schools must conform to its LGBTQ-affirming guidelines, apparently including private (and thus Christian) schools.  After the jump, a statement from the president of the Alberta district of the Lutheran Church of Canada. [Read more…]

Concordia Edmonton repudiates its Christian identity

Concordia University Edmonton, a college of the Lutheran Church Canada (both of which were founded by the LCMS), has removed all references to Lutheranism and to Christianity from its governing documents.  The institution’s board of directors took that action without consulting the Lutheran Church Canada.

The college had gradually been cutting its ties with the church.  Instead of the church body electing the board members, the school moved to a self-selecting board.  Apparently, the LCC does not own the campus, as the LCMS does its network of 10 institutions in the Concordia University System.  Edmonton’s seminary is a separate entity from the college.  But many of Concordia Edmonton’s faculty members are on the clergy roster and have calls to the college, which will apparently end now that the institution has rejected its Christian ties.

I am shocked at this.  I spoke at Concordia Edmonton a couple of years ago, and I met some very solid faculty members.  My understanding is that many of the faculty are against this decision, and that the president of the LCC, Robert Bugbee, is studying what action can be taken.  Church colleges often slowly drift away, but I don’t know that I’ve seen this kind of decisive repudiation of Christian identity.  (Canadian Lutheran readers, can you tell us more about this?)

UPDATE:  Be sure to read Bror Erikson’s comment, below.  He gives some more context, saying that part of the problem is that church, in effect, severed its ties with CUE, cutting off its funding and forcing it into the arms of the state.

[Read more…]

How Clemson’s coach defied the anti-religion forces

What a game, the national college football championship!  In an exciting back-and-forth game, Alabama beat Clemson to take the national title.  I was rooting for Clemson, even though–or perhaps because–they beat my alma mater, Oklahoma, in the playoffs.

In honor of the game, I would like to post an account by David French of how Dabo Swinney, the Clemson coach, stood up to the Freedom from Religion Foundation, when that group threatened legal action to stop the team’s custom of providing rides to church services if players wanted one.  And, unlike the usual practice in higher education, Clemson University supported him!

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Bullying and intolerance at Yale

For Halloween, the administration at Yale issued dictates about Halloween costumes, lest anyone be offended.  A lecturer, who along with her professor husband, is “master” of a residential college, responded with a learned e-mail pointing out that it might not be so bad for a little blonde girl to dress up as Mulan, Disney’s Asian princess (apparently one of the forbidden costumes) and that Yale college students should be able to dress up however they wish.  For this, she and her husband are being accused of racism, among other thought crimes, and hundreds of students are rallying to get them fired.  Those who disagree are getting harassed and spit upon.

Now Conor Fridersdorf of the Atlantic has published an in depth expose of the incident and the climate of bullying, intolerance, intimidation, and anti-intellectualism at Yale.  It’s a must read.  (I post the introduction and a link after the jump.) [Read more…]