Bullying and intolerance at Yale

For Halloween, the administration at Yale issued dictates about Halloween costumes, lest anyone be offended.  A lecturer, who along with her professor husband, is “master” of a residential college, responded with a learned e-mail pointing out that it might not be so bad for a little blonde girl to dress up as Mulan, Disney’s Asian princess (apparently one of the forbidden costumes) and that Yale college students should be able to dress up however they wish.  For this, she and her husband are being accused of racism, among other thought crimes, and hundreds of students are rallying to get them fired.  Those who disagree are getting harassed and spit upon.

Now Conor Fridersdorf of the Atlantic has published an in depth expose of the incident and the climate of bullying, intolerance, intimidation, and anti-intellectualism at Yale.  It’s a must read.  (I post the introduction and a link after the jump.) [Read more…]

The Million Student March

There was a time when college students would march for civil rights and stage protests against the Vietnam War.  Yesterday, students across the nation walked out of classes to be part of  the Million Student March.  Their demands?  Free tuition.  Cancel all student debt.  Increase the minimum wage for campus jobs. [Read more…]

“Modern Educayshun”

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Banning “tag”

A Washington state elementary school banned the game “tag” on the playground.  The purpose was to prevent children from touching each other.  After parents protested, tag was reinstated, but schools are giving recess new scrutiny. [Read more…]

What’s the best way to teach violin?

My brother Jimmy, in response to my post about the Winfield music festival that we went to, made this comment and raised an interesting question:

A great time was had by all. I enjoyed visiting and picking with Fred, and you can count me in on your suggestion to have a Cranach campfire and jam session next year.

One of the things I would like to talk about is the O’Connor
Method of teaching violin. I started playing violin about five year ago. For the first year I took private lessons from a violin teacher using the Suzuki method. It was probably a good idea to learn the basic techniques and principles with private lessons. However, in the process I did learn something about the Suzuki method and I too share in the criticisms of this method voiced by Mark O’Connor. [Read more…]

New edition of our book on classical education

The book that I did with Andrew Kern some time ago is back in a new, expanded, updated edition.  Its title and subject: Classical Education. [Read more…]