Half of atheists’ children fall away into belief

Christians often worry about their children falling away from the church.  Atheists have the same problem.  According to the Pew research, half of the children raised by atheists end up as believers.

A column on this phenomenon, excerpted and linked after the jump, includes another interesting observation:  “It’s mostly interpersonal relationships that sway beliefs.” [Read more...]

The financial problems of just living together

There are strong moral reasons why couples shouldn’t just live together without being married.  There are also strong psychological reasons why this is not a good idea.  (See also this.)  The Washington Post‘s financial advice columnist, Michelle Singletary, points out that there are also strong financial reasons not to, that sharing housing expenses, bank accounts, and buying property together can be disastrous if the couple isn’t married. [Read more...]

An AARP for kids

A California group has announced that it intends to become an “AARP for kids.”  I don’t think that means getting children discounts at Denny’s.  The goal will be to lobby for children’s rights.

I don’t know the ideology of this particular organization.  Will they lobby for children’s right to be brought up by their mother and their father?  Or will they lobby for children’s rights over and against their parents’ rights?  Will they lobby against abortion and other kinds of infanticide?  Somehow I don’t think so.

But I predict that the next battle line in the war against the family will be liberating children from the authority of their parents.  Watch for anti-spanking laws (which other Western countries already have) and the rhetoric that will go with them to demonize anyone who dares to disagree with them. (“What?  You want it to be legal to hit children?”) [Read more...]

A sentimental tribute to Motherhood, with spiders

OK, what I am about to tell you is gross, even horrific.  And (trigger warning to arachnophobes, who had better not click through to the jump) it has to do with spiders.  And yet, there is what Yeats called a terrible beauty here. And, for Mother’s Day,  it gives us a profound emblem of extreme motherhood. [Read more...]

Having a loving family as an unfair advantage

The evidence is overwhelming that growing up in an intact, two-parent  loving family confers huge advantages on children as they grow up.  The normal response has been to encourage strong families among those who lack those advantages.  But, looked at another way, through the usual leftist prism that sees all inequality as oppression, it can be argued that loving families need to be abolished.

British philosopher is not quite saying that–despite how his argument is being taken in some circles–but in asserting that reading bedtime stories to one’s children contributes to social inequality, he comes close. [Read more...]

Today the Supremes take up gay marriage

Today the Supreme Court will hear oral arguments on whether state laws defining marriage as being between a man and a woman are unconstitutional.  Joseph Backholm, of the Family Policy Institute of Washington, has an interesting take on the arguments that the constitution mandates gay marriage. [Read more...]