Debbie Reynolds dies, one day after her daughter Carrie Fisher

Reynolds_-_Fisher_-_1955Carrie Fisher, who played Princess Leia in the Star Wars films, died last week.  One day later, her mother, actress Debbie Reynolds, also died.

Her father, singer Eddie Fisher, abandoned his family to marry Elizabeth Taylor (who would later abandon him to marry Richard Burton).  He died in 2010.

Reynolds was known for playing the wholesome ingenue in scores of classic movies.  She also sang and danced on stage and in musicals such as Singin’ in the Rain.   

Carrie lived a life plagued with mental illness and drug addiction, which she chronicled with sensitivity and wit in a series of memoirs and novels.  She had been estranged from her mother for many years, but they reconciled and became close.  Reynolds was reportedly devastated by her daughter’s death and her emotional devastation brought on her death.

Carrie was a “princess” of Hollywood royalty, and the story of her family is one of both great cruelty and great love.

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Family Vocation, revisted

It’s very gratifying for a writer to hear from a reader who “gets” what the writer was trying to say.  So I would like to humbly commend to you Heather Judd’s review of Family Vocation, excerpted and linked after the jump.

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Finnish Lutherans say “no” to gay weddings

The state church of Finland will not perform same-sex weddings, even though gay marriage will be legalized beginning next year.  The bishops of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland say that marriage is between a man and a woman, and that will not change.  They say that gay couples will, however, be welcome to participate in all church activities. [Read more…]

The woman who married her daughter.  And her son.

Here in Oklahoma, a woman is being charged with incest for marrying her daughter.  Eight years ago, she also got into trouble for marrying her son.

Carl Trueman thinks that he has some good arguments for her defense attorney to use. [Read more…]

Making babies without women

The Frankenstein fear of reproductive engineering so far has been the future possibility that women could have babies without men, rendering males obsolete.  But now scientists are working on making ordinary cells function as eggs, so that they can be fertilized by sperm.  They have already made this work with baby mice.

So maybe women, with the further invention of artificial wombs, will become obsolete instead.  Not only that, this new technology, should it work, would allow two men to conceive a child.   If we get rid of either women or men, same-sex marriage might be the only kind left.  Perhaps the fluid gender movement is a preparation for the time when human beings will have no gender and no sex at all!

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“Family Vocation” giveaway

GoodReads is giving away five copies of Family Vocation:  God’s Calling in Marriage, Parenting, and Childhood.  I wrote that book with my daughter Mary Moerbe.

It goes beyond God at Work, not just in exploring the family vocations in depth–important in itself, if we want to revitalize Christian marriage and parenting–but also in including material on vocation in general that I learned after publishing that earlier book.

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