Is the 5-second rule valid?

When we drop a piece of food, we often invoke the “5-second rule,” the principle that if you pick it back up before five seconds, it’s all right to eat.  That sounds pretty bogus, as if bacteria took awhile to travel, but two studies show that there is some validity to the rule. [Read more…]

Woody Guthrie’s chili recipe

There is a big new museum in Tulsa, the Woody Guthrie Center, honoring the great Oklahoma folk singer.  The Tulsa World Magazine gave, as one of its treasures, the family chili recipe.  For your culinary pleasure and enlightenment, I give it after the break. [Read more…]

The Bread of Life

Pastor Douthwaite’s sermon last Sunday was based on the reading from John 6, in which Jesus continues his discourse about how He is the Bread of Life.  I was struck by the way the sermon showed how Jesus is undoing the Fall and restoring us to the Garden:  an act of eating makes us lose Paradise, and an act of eating makes us regain Paradise; we lost the Tree of Life, now in the Cross we have the Tree of Life. (The text also plays with other Old Testament images:  the manna in the wilderness; the Mountain of God.)  Read the whole sermon, linked after the jump, but I’ll give you samples. [Read more…]

The theology of BBQ

There is a really good barbecue joint that opened near where I live, and I’ve been introducing students and friends to this transcendent cuisine and teaching them all about it.  Terry Mattingly goes so far as to write about “the theology of barbecue,” interviewing an expert who tells of its role in churches and revivals.
[Read more…]

Nutrition with a grain of salt

Nutritionists have taken back their warnings against dietary cholesterol.  Now some are challenging the warnings against salt. [Read more…]

You may now eat cholesterol-heavy foods

Have you been told to “watch your cholesterol,” so you’ve gone on a diet that cut out eggs, meats, and some of your favorite foods, making yourself miserable?  Well, it was all for NOTHING.

The official Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee, recognizing that cholesterol comes from the liver and not the food we eat and that cholesterol in the blood isn’t the main factor in heart disease anyway, has decreed that people need not longer worry about cholesterol in their diets.  So go eat an egg. [Read more…]