Net neutrality or Obamanet?

The FCC voted to regulate the internet so that service providers cannot charge different kinds of users or content providers (e.g., streaming a Netflix movie) more than any others.  Some are hailing this ruling as “net neutrality,” making it possible for the internet to remain free and open.  Others are condemning these rules as  government regulation of internet that will quench innovation and create a cumbersome, poor-running “Obamanet.”  What do you think? [Read more...]

D. C. legalizes marijuana, sort of

As of 12:01 a.m. today, the possession of marijuana is legal in our nation’s capital.  But it’s still illegal to sell it.  So you can have it, but you can’t buy it.  The tangled new law, with its bureaucratic twists and turns, illustrates the dilemma of a state legalizing a substance (though the District of Columbia is not a state), while  federal law (which D. C. is mostly under) still outlaws it.

It seems to me that making the possession legal while the sale is  illegal takes away the only social good that legalization might do, namely, strike a blow against organized crime.  Colorado at least, for better or worse, created a private marijuana industry.  Washington, D.C., will continue to depend on Mexican cartels and drug smugglers for its supply. [Read more...]

Judge halts Obama’s amnesty order

A federal judge stopped President Obama’s executive order that certain of the nation’s immigration laws not be enforced.  The ruling was in response to a lawsuit by 26 states.  The stay is temporary, pending the outcome of the case.  The White House said that it would appeal. [Read more...]

Presidents’ Day blues

So is it healthy in a democratic republic to have a Presidents’ Day but not a Congress Day or a Supreme Court Day?  Is our preoccupation with chief executives as heads of state–as well as the assumption of many that if we just get a good one, he or she will solve our problems–an atavistic throw-back to monarchy?  Rome ditched its Republic for the more efficient, more powerful political system headed by an Emperor.   Can you see America ever doing the same?

If you have more happy and inspiring thoughts about the Presidents’ Day, please post them here, along with arguments about who was the best president, who were good ones and who were bad ones, and the current prospects for the office.

If religious liberty is THE political issue for Christians. . .

My post on Russell Moore’s contention that religious liberty needs to be THE political issue for Christians in the upcoming elections is approaching 500 comments, and the discussion–despite a few fights that broke out–has been quite good.  But there are some misconceptions I want to address and some implications that I want us to think about. [Read more...]

THE political issue for Christians in 2016

In the early days of the Republic, Baptists supported Thomas Jefferson, even though he was not a Christian.  Why?  Because he supported religious freedom.  Russell Moore says that Christians today need to develop that same mindset  in their political activism today.  He says that THE political issue for Christians in the upcoming elections needs to be religious liberty. [Read more...]