How Trump will make Mexico pay for the wall

We had wondered how Donald Trump would get Mexico to pay for the wall along the border to keep out illegal immigrants.  Trump, who will be meeting with the President of Mexico next week, has released his plan.

He will tell Mexican officials that unless they pay $5-10 billion for the wall, he will cut off the money that immigrants send home.  That comes to around $25 billion, and is crucial to the Mexican economy.  If Mexico gives that one-time payment, he says, the cash could continue “to flow into their country year after year.”

Set aside, for a moment, the element of extortion and theft.  Set aside the question of whether the government should have the right to confiscate people’s money or control what they do with it.  Also set aside the enormous increase in the power of the presidency necessary to suspend the law so that he could do this by executive order.

I thought Trump was going to send back all of the illegal immigrants!  How could their payments “flow into their country year after year”?  If the immigrants will all be gone, as Trump promised, what will be the incentive for Mexico to pony up the money?  It almost sounds as if Trump hasn’t been telling the truth about his immigration policy. [Read more…]

More on the Constitution Party

We’ve blogged about the Constitution Party as an option for conservatives who cannot abide either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton.  It has been around since 1992. The party’s presidential nominee is Vietnam Veteran and attorney Darrell Castle and his running-mate is businessman and academic Scott Bradley.  They are on the ballot in only 12 states.

Consider the party’s Platform and Seven Principles, given after the jump. How are these folks like Trump and how are they different?  Would you be for them if they had any chance of winning?

HT:  John Frahm

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Trump now says he is “softening” his position on immigration

Donald Trump is drawing back from the hardline position on immigration that brought him lots of primary voters.  He now says that he is open to “softening” immigration laws, expressing sympathy for immigrants who have been here for over a decade.  His earlier statement that he would deport all illegal immigrants seems to be off the table.

His “exact” immigration policy will be released possibly next week, but what has come out so far makes him sound like Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush, and Ted Cruz, all of whom he pilloried on this issue.  See this response from the Cruz camp.

Do you think this is a sign of Trump’s growing realism, compassion, and “becoming presidential,” or is it a betrayal of his earlier voters?  Is this a welcome moderation from his earlier extremism, or does it show that Trump is just another politician after all?  Would a shift on immigration make you more or less willing to vote for him? [Read more…]

Clinton Foundation pay for play

The Associated Press, no less, has been investigating the Clinton Foundation.  It reports that over half of the people Hillary Clinton met with as Secretary of State outside of the government were donors to the foundation.

Meanwhile, as Clinton’s clandestine e-mails come out, more questionable details about the foundation are surfacing.  For example, in 2013 its income was $140 million, but it gave out only $9 million for its stated philanthropic purposes.   See also this. [Read more…]

The case of the trans-gender funeral director

The Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) (1993) is still the law of the land and can be a potent weapon in cases involving the conflict between religious liberty and LBGT issues.  This was demonstrated in a case involving a Michigan funeral home that fired a male funeral director for violating the company’s dress code by insisting on wearing female clothes.

The Obama administration swept in to defend him and punish the funeral home, but–in what comes as a surprise these days–the owners, invoking the RFRA, won their case.  Michael Avramovich tells the tale. . . .

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Court blocks Obama’s bathroom mandate

Just in time for the new school year, a federal court has granted an injunction blocking the Obama administration’s decree that public schools must allow children to use whichever bathroom corresponds to their self-chosen gender identity, rather than their biological sex.  The injunction will hold until the issue is decided in the courts. [Read more…]