The liberal way of being pro-family

Conservatives claim to be pro-family.  But liberals too are wrapping themselves in the family cause.  But whereas conservatives are thinking about moral and cultural issues, liberals want government policies.  One cause is providing child-care, so that someone can watch the kids while the parents work.  Now President Obama is calling for paid family leave, whether to take care of a baby or a sick family member.  The Democrats have a proposal that would mandate family leave to be paid for by the government and funded by an increase in the payroll tax. After the jump, an explanation of how this would work.  What do you think of this? [Read more…]

Supremes rule for cell phone privacy

The Obama administration and the state of California argued that law enforcement officials should be able to go through the information on a person’s cell phone, which they argued was no different from asking someone to turn out his pockets.  But the Supreme Court, striking a blow for privacy in 21st century technology, ruled–unanimously, no less–that cell phone data (which includes not just call records but with your calendar and appointments a record of nearly all of your activities) is private and cannot be accessed by authorities without a warrant. [Read more…]

Cover-up at the IRS?

The investigation into allegations that the IRS illegally targeted conservative political groups subpoenaed e-mails from key officials.  Now the IRS is saying those e-mails are gone.  And that the back-up tapes have been erased.  And that the key hard-drive has unaccountably been destroyed.  Also the main IRS official involved has plead the 5th and has been held in contempt.  But surely nothing inappropriate was going on. [Read more…]

Preventing Christian groups from hiring only Christians

In what could be yet another attempt to secularize religious groups that work with the government, the Obama administration is getting lots of pressure to require that religious organizations that take federal funds not be allowed to discriminate according to religion when it comes to hiring.  That would mean Catholic or evangelical charities operating under a federal contract or grant would have to hire people who do not hold to the organization’s faith. [Read more…]

The fourth branch of our government

Law Professor Jonathan Turley discusses how the Patent and Trademark office rescinded the trademark for the Washington Redskins on the grounds that the name disparages Native Americans.  This is one example, he says, of a larger trend of federal agencies that originally had a narrow focus using their power to enforce social and political policies.  The agencies are taking on legislative and judicial functions with the force of law, making them, in effect, the fourth branch of our government.  Prof. Turley tells some harrowing stories. [Read more…]

Obamacare numbers

A Kaiser study has found that 57% of the 8 million who have signed up for Obamacare were previously uninsured.  Supporters of the Affordable Care Act are hyping that number, since other studies found that only 26% to one-third of the enrollees had been uninsured.  But let’s accept the higher figure and then do the math. [Read more…]