Liberalism’s obsession with language


Camille Paglia is a feminist, a leftist, a lesbian, an atheist. . . .And yet she is a harsh critic of today’s feminists, leftists, gays, and atheists.

A new interview with her in the Weekly Standard offers some fascinating takes on Donald Trump (whom she defends), Democrats (whom she criticizes), Transgenderism (which she says is impossible), and Islamic terrorism (which she accuses liberals of whitewashing).

After the jump, a sample, giving her response to a question about why liberals are so squeamish about criticizing Islam.  This gets into a further discussion about political correctness and what happened to the left.  “Today’s liberalism,” she says, is “all about reducing individuals to a group identity” and “defining that identity in victim terms.” [Read more…]

The new mideast crisis over Qatar


The Middle East is embroiled in a new crisis, and it has nothing to do with Israel.  Nine Arab nations have cut off all diplomatic and economic ties with the oil-rich emirate of Qatar and are expelling Qatari citizens.

Bahrain has made it a crime, punishable by 5 years in prison and a fine,  for any of its citizens to “express sympathy” for Qatar.  The United Arab Emirates will put you in prison for 15 years for expressing sympathy for Qatar, “whether it be through the means of social media, or any type of written, visual or verbal form.”

Why?  Qatar has been supporting Islamic extremists under the table for years, some of which threaten the regimes of Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and these other monarchies and emirates.

But the catalyst was a report quoting the Qatari Emir expressing support for Iran and criticizing Donald Trump’s policy towards Iran.  Qatar is supposed to be Sunni Muslim, as are these other Arab countries.  Iran is Shi’ite.   Those two Islamic sects are bitter enemies, sort of like Catholics and Protestants during the 30 Years War.  That a Sunni state would support Iran feels like both heresy and betrayal.

Qatar claims that the Emir said no such thing, that the quote was “fake news” connected to a hack by Russian intelligence. U. S. Intelligence says that this could very well be the case.

At any rate, the uproar over Qatar has turned into a new crisis in the Middle East.

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Terrorists attack UK once again


Three terrorists ran their van into a crowd on London Bridge, then jumped out with 12-inch knives and started stabbing people, shouting “This is for Allah!”   They killed seven and injured nearly 50 before the terrorists were killed by police.

This is the third terrorist attack on Great Britain in three months.  Prime Minister Theresa May blamed the “evil ideology of Islamist extremism” and said, there is “far too much tolerance for extremism in our country.”  She also commented, “things need to change.”  Some observers hope this tough talk from the government may herald a turning point in combatting terrorism. [Read more…]

Why is the left so sympathetic to Islam?


Why are liberals and leftists always defending Islam?

They have nothing but scorn for Christians who oppose the LGBT agenda.  But Muslims oppose the LGBT agenda even more.  To the point, in many Islamic countries, of killing gays.

Feminists attack Christianity for its alleged mistreatment of women.  But Islam treats women far, far worse than anything seen in the West.

Similarly, Muslims in general support traditional sexual morality and oppose abortion.  And, unlike Christians, in Islamic countries, they would likely punish the leftists who are agreeing with them for their secularism and unbelief.

When a terrorist turns out to be a Muslim, those on the left make a point of saying that we shouldn’t blame all Muslims, which is true enough.  And yet when a Christian does something that offends them, they don’t make the same caution against over-generalization about Christianity.  Indeed, they often tar all Christians with the same brush.

ANOTHER THOUGHT:  The left is worried that Christians are going to establish a theocracy.  But establishing societies ruled by the Q’uran is a major goal of Islam, and Islamic States really are theocracies.

The left is always on the alert for  “Islamaphobia.”  While being oblivious to their own “Christophobia.”

Why is this?  Michael Brown, excerpted after the jump, raises these questions.  He doesn’t really have an answer for them.

I suspect the left’s tradition of anti-colonialism is part of the answer, but it can hardly account for the continuation of these sentiments in the new post-Marxist climate of gender politics.

I realize the question could be turned around:  Why don’t Christians ally themselves with Muslims, since they agree on all of this retrograde morality?

Secularists, assuming all religions are just about morality and are thus all the same,  can’t understand religious differences.  Islam is a religion of pure Law, with no Gospel of grace, redemption, and forgiveness.  So, for Christians, whose faith is built on the Gospel, see a vast chasm between them.  (Though liberal Christians who have replaced the Gospel of salvation for a social gospel built on politics and moralism do have that liberal sympathy.)

Can anyone explain this phenomenon? [Read more…]

Trump’s world-religion tour


Donald Trump is on his first international trip as president, and he has an ambitious agenda.  He is visiting the homelands of three world religions that have often been in contention with each other:  Islam, Israel, and Rome.

This weekend he was in Saudi Arabia, where he gave a rather impressive speech about Islam (see our post about it) and signed deals for weapons and other investments worth as much as $350 billion.  (Prompting questions about whether we should be so tight with such an authoritarian regime.)

Today he is in Israel.  On Wednesday he will meet with the Pope.

Then the theme will shift to global military and economic issues. Thursday he’ll be in Brussels to meet with NATO.  Friday he’ll be in Sicily for the G7 summit of leaders of the world’s biggest economies.

His purpose in the religion tour, according to the White House, is to “broadcast a message of unity” to Jews, Christians and Muslims.

Here is a useful day-by-day breakdown of the trip, giving the context, goals, and what could go wrong.

Do you think President Trump can pull off all of this diplomacy?

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Trump’s Islam speech takes religion seriously

Trump's trip

President Trump gave a speech on Islam to 55 Muslim leaders on his trip to Saudi Arabia.  And I think he handled this difficult assignment quite well.

He actually treated Islam like a religion.  He addressed his audience in religious terms that Muslims would understand.

Instead of condescending platitudes informing Muslims that their religion is actually a religion of peace, he talked about God’s judgment.

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