How Islam will convert the West

Shi’ite Muslims believe in the practice of “temporary marriage” (mut`ah), in which a man can tell a woman he marries her, constituting a valid Muslim wedding, have sex with her, and then say he divorces her, constituting a valid Muslim divorce. It is the legalist’s dream, a way of having one-night stands or indulging in prostitution (a “dowry” is required) while still considering oneself righteous. A Muslim group, the MahdiUniteMuslims (MUM), is pushing the practice as the ultimate mosque-growth technique, the way Islam will ultimately convert America. Timothy Furnish reports on the history of mut’ah and quotes from a mosque-growth advocate:

For the past few weeks MUM — which is dedicated to uniting the Islamic world through belief in the Mahdi, the “rightly-guided one” of Islamic traditions who will create a global caliphate — has hosted a discussion about mut`ah, Shi`i temporary marriage, the “secret weapon that will convert the West to Islam in the later days before the advent of Imam al Mahdi” . . . .

And since “the craze about sex today is through the roof” (hard to argue there), mut`ah is not just man-made but “a divine plan,” for “when non-Muslim men learn that they can honorably have more women,” they “will flock to Shi`ah Islam. Sorry for the expression but Allah made women the bait” . . . . “When so many non-Muslim men come to Shi`ah Islam this will cause non-Muslim women to come to Shi`ah Islam too because an honorable and equitable polygynous mut`ah is better than being unmarried or just having flings with bad men, right?” Bottom-line: “This will cause a chain reaction of conversion to Islam from all corners. Even Sunnis will come to Shi`ah Islam because they want women.” In conclusion, this future editor of the Muslim Maxim pleads, “please do not hate mut`ah anymore. There is a reason for it. It is the secret weapon of the last days to bring the world to Shi`ah Islam.”

Can there be any doubt but that he is right? It would offer the religion people in our culture is yearning for, one that is BOTH permissive AND legalistic, allowing a person to be BOTH sinful AND self-righteous. Think of the felt needs this would tap into! We will soon be entering the age of the mega-mosque.

The military lawyers at Gitmo

One of the reason the detainees at Guantanamo are not getting convicted and punished en masse (as would be the case if the current administration is as bad as its critics say it is), is that the accused terrorists are getting such excellent military defense attorneys who are staunchly defending their rights.

The New York Times has an article on the subject, focusing on a young JAG officer named Lt. Cmdr. William C. Kuebler.

He is no natural agitator. At 37, he is in some ways deeply conventional. Married to the first girl he ever dated in high school, he is a self-described born-again Christian and conservative who has “never voted for a Democrat.” Tom Fleener, a former Guantánamo military defense lawyer, described Commander Kuebler, saying, “Take the average conservative guy in the street and multiply that by a million.” . . .

“It is a powerful way to be a witness for Christ,” he said, “by demonstrating your capacity to not judge the way everybody else is judging and to serve unconditionally.”

Commander Kuebler has been pulling out all the stops in defending his Guantanamo client, to the point of infuriating the prosecutors with his delaying tactics and his playing the media. Though now evidence has arisen that maybe his client is innocent after all.

I appreciate the way the NY Times, no less, brought out both his conservatism (protection of individual rights, after all, is a conservative ideal) and, especially, his Christianity. Since the proper work of a defense attorney is to be an advocate for the accused, isn’t this a good example of Christian vocation?

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After Israel, Spain

In Islam, a country that once was Muslim must always be Muslim. Spain used to be part of the Muslim empire, back in the dark ages. Not until 1492, that significant date, were the Moors finally expelled, as Christians took the province of Andalusia (what Muslims call Al-Andalus). According to this article, this still sticks in the craw of Muslims and getting Al-Andalus back features prominently in jihadist rhetoric. A former German foreign minister commented that if the jihadists fulfill their dream of eliminating Israel and taking over its once-Muslim territory, the next target would be Spain.

Columnist’s trial for insulting Islam

We have blogged on how the Canadian conservative columnist Mark Steyn has been hauled before a Canadian human rights tribunal for publishing pieces in “Macleans” criticizing Islam. To their credit, Canadians and their pundits seem to be pulling for Steyn and still want their country to have freedom of speech. Here is a good account of how the tribunal has been going. Word is, we may have a verdict later today. I’ll try to update as I have information.

The Founders’ War on Terrorism

Here is a fascinating account of our nation’s first conflict with radical Islam: When the Founding Fathers Faced Islamists. When the Barbary states captured American ships and made slaves of American citizens, both John Adams and Thomas Jefferson negotiated for their release. The pasha demanded a tribute of around $1 million, a tenth of the entire budget of the fledgling nation, but Adams and Jefferson continued to negotiate until the pasha informed them of this fact, described in Adams’ words:

“It was… written in the Koran, that all Nations who should not have acknowledged [the Muslims’] authority were sinners, that it was their right and duty to make war upon wheoever they could find and to make Slaves of all they could take as prisoners, and that every Mussulman who should be slain in battle was sure to go to Paradise.”

When the Americans heard this, it was war–Stephen Decatur, the Marines on the shores of Tripoli, and America’s first splash on the world stage.

Rev. Wright takes the spotlight

Rev. Jeremiah Wright is taking advantage of his notoriety, speaking at an NAACP event, being on Bill Moyer’s PBS show, and now speaking at the National Press Club, no less. Guarded by Nation of Islam operatives and basking in the limelight, he is unrepentant, repeating his charges that America deserved the 9/11 attacks, that the US government engineered the HIV virus to commit genocide against black people, etc., etc. Now he’s also saying that Muslims are saved. See Liveblogging Wright at the National Press Club. Doesn’t Rev. Wright see how he is hurting the campaign of his parishioner, Barack Obama?

UPDATE: Here is a clue: It seems that Rev. Wright’s address at the National Press Club was arranged by Barbara Reynolds, an “enthusiastic” Clinton supporter!

ANOTHER UPDATE: But maybe not.