Michael Barone says that many in our cultural and political elite follow the tenets of “Lennonism.”  Not “Leninism,” but the philosophy of John Lennon in his song Imagine:

“Imagine there’s no countries. . . .Nothing to kill or die for. … Imagine all the people living life in peace. … And the world will be as one.”

“And no religion too.”  But Barone defines Lennonism as the desire to eliminate distinct nations.  Thus the impulse for global government, a global economy, unlimited immigration, and multiculturalism. [Read more…]

“Liturgy shaming” for “liturgical abuse”

Many Catholics are indulging in “liturgy shaming” as a response to “liturgical abuse.”  That is, they are taking to the internet to mock and criticize priests whose liturgical innovations go beyond the pale (e.g., clown masses, Cheesehead liturgies, priests presiding while riding hoverboards or bicycles).  Such services are being called “liturgical abuse,” on the grounds that they violate the solemnity of the mass and harm Christians in need of true worship.

Some Catholics are saying that liturgy shaming is a good thing, while others are saying that it is a bad thing.  What do you think?  Is any of this going on in Protestant circles?  In Lutheran circles?  Should it?

Read about the phenomenon and the controversy it has stirred up after the jump.
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The deplorables

Hillary Clinton puts a name to that category of Americans that Democrats most despise:  “the deplorables.”

These are the “haters,” those whom liberals deem to be sexist, homophobic, racist, xenophobic, and Islamophobic.  To take those ideological and psychological terms as liberals use them, those who question feminism, don’t believe in gay marriage, take the cops’ side in the “Black Lives Matter” demonstration, worry about illegal immigration, and believe Islam has a role in Islamic terrorism are all put into “the basket of deplorables.”

Mrs. Clinton said these deplorables are not American and are “irredeemable.”  Those are especially dehumanizing words to apply to someone you disagree with.  They don’t belong in America.  (That’s what xenophobes say!)  They can’t be redeemed.  (That’s what religious bigots say!)  Any Christian deplorables probably think they are redeemed, but Mrs. Clinton says they are not.  In the secular usage, the word means that these people can never change, and there is no hope for them.

“Half” of Donald Trump’s supporters, she said, are “deplorables.”  The other half are people with economic problems who deserve Democrats’ pity.  She is now trying to walk back her classification.

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Saying God is transgender

The contours of a new liberal theology, one in accord with the new ideology of sex and gender, are starting to come together.  (Liberal theologians have never found a new leftist ideology that they don’t like and won’t refashion theology around.)  A rabbi has written an op-ed in the New York Times maintaining that God is transgender.

After the jump, read why he thinks so and read a response from a Bible scholar.

The argument hinges on confusing linguistic gender with natural gender, confusing a Being who transcends gender with someone who purports to change the sex he or she was born as, and scholarly bloopers of an embarrassing scale.  But it exemplifies how liberal theologians often twist the Bible so that it can seem to support their ideology.

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What Clinton thinks religious liberty is

In a play to capitalize on Mormon’s dissatisfaction with Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton wrote an op-ed piece in the LDS-owned Deseret News in which she emphasizes her commitment to religious liberty.  But notice what she thinks religious liberty is.

Read what she says and my analysis after the jump.

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The new “Star Trek” captain will be “diverse,” but what “level of diversity”?

CBS is coming out with a new Star Trek series, starting on its main broadcasting network, but then moving over to its new pay-for-access channel.  An Entertainment Weekly article on the show, based on an interview with the producer, tortures the term “diverse” in ways I hadn’t heard before.

We are told that the commander of the spacecraft will be a “diverse actress.”  [How can an individual be “diverse”?  Is that, like, shizophrenic?  Or just someone with a multi-faceted personality who can play many different parts?  Oh, I guess “diverse” is now a euphemism for a class of people who aren’t white, male heterosexuals.]

But the part has not yet been cast, so the producer didn’t know “what level of diversity” she would be.  [So diversity comes in levels? Is Asian one level, and Hispanic another level?  Is black the highest level?  She is a woman, so that counts, but would making her a lesbian give them a higher level of diversity?  What if she is an Alien?] [Read more…]