Led Zeppelin’s “Stairway to Heaven” compared with Spirit’s “Taurus”

A lawsuit claimed that the opening riff to Led Zeppelin’s iconic “Stairway to Heaven” was plagiarized from the earlier song “Taurus” by the rock group Spirit.  A jury has  just ruled in Led Zeppelin’s favor.

Go to this site, which lets you play both tunes.  Do they not sound EXACTLY THE SAME? [Read more…]

LCMS judge on trial for her views on marriage

More on Ruth Neely, the Wyoming judge and member of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod, who is facing removal from office, plus a $40,000 fine, because she told a reporter that she won’t perform same-sex marriages because of her religious beliefs.  This, even though she is not obliged to perform weddings at all, isn’t paid for doing so, has never been asked to do a gay wedding, another judge in the community is willing to do it in her place, and the Wyoming constitution specifically says that no one can be removed from public office “because of his opinion on any matter of religious belief whatever.”

The state’s judicial commission has recommended her ouster, and the case is before the Wyoming Supreme Court.  More details and updates after the jump, as well as my own thoughts and questions. [Read more…]

California may require Christian schools to change their teachings

California is considering a bill that would remove the exemption for faith-based colleges and universities from state anti-discrimination laws when it comes to “sexual orientation, gender identity, and religion.”  The measure has already passed the state senate and awaits action from the House.

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Gays are buying guns for self-defense

Commenters on the Orlando shooting have been calling for more gun control.  But now, in the aftermath of the attack, many gays are arming themselves for self-defense. [Read more…]

A call to repeal the Second Amendment

In a piece for Rolling Stone, Drexel constitutional law professor David S. Cohen calls for repealing the Second Amendment.  He argues that the right to keep and bear arms “is outdated, a threat to liberty and a suicide pact.” [Read more…]

Court says 2nd Amendment gives no right to “concealed carry”

A federal appeals court ruled that the 2nd Amendment does not give people the right to carry concealed firearms.
The Constitution clearly affirms the right to “keep” (possess) and “bear” (carry) arms.  Does the court think it’s only constitutional to carry weapons openly, on gun belts?  Or would it allow that to be restricted also?  How does it expect people to bear the arms the constitution entitles them to?
At any rate, look for many states, cities, and the federal government to rescind concealed carry laws and to put further restrictions on the 2nd Amendment.

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