The First Amendment Defense Act

A bill is before Congress that would protect individuals, churches, and other organizations from being discriminated against because of their beliefs about gay marriage.  The First Amendment Defense Act, which ingeniously frames the issue in terms of discrimination, has been bottled up in committee for over a year.  Lawmakers don’t seem to want to take it up, even though Republicans control both houses.

Though President Obama would surely veto the bill, both Ted Cruz and Donald Trump (though not John Kasich) have promised to sign it. [Read more…]

Updating the Constitution?

According to a recent poll, 41% of Democrats believe that the Constitution should be “updated.”  The study did not go into details about what they think should be changed.  The Second Amendment, probably.  I wonder what else they would change.  This compares to 28% of the general public and  20% of Republicans.

Do you think this is an eroding of allegiance to our fundamental national law?  Or a prudent openness to revision?  If the latter, what changes do you think are in order? [Read more…]

Freedom of worship or freedom of religion?

The citizen test given by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services speaks of “freedom of worship.”  Senator James Lankford (R, OK) has been trying to get the agency to change the test and the study materials so that they refer to the “freedom of religion.”  The agency has finally agreed to do so.

Do you see the difference? [Read more…]

The artistic freedom of musicians and bakers

Liberal musicians have long objected to their work being used by conservative politicians.  And, as the link shows, they usually get their way.  After all, artists should have the freedom not to have their creative work employed in a cause they do not believe in.

So why don’t the culinary artists who make wedding cakes have that same freedom? [Read more…]

Big business vs. religious liberty

Indiana, Arkansas, and now Georgia have passed modest religious liberty bills that would, among other things, allow pastors and others with qualms about same-sex marriage to refuse to participate if it violates their beliefs.  In each case, pressure from big businesses have caused the governors of each of these states, conservative Republicans all, to kill the laws. [Read more…]

Hillary Clinton’s litmus tests for Supreme Court nominees

Conservatives have had to be careful to say they would apply no “litmus test” for Supreme Court nominees, when it comes to abortion or other controversial issues.  But Hillary Clinton is saying that she WILL have a litmus test for her nominees.  They must be pro-abortion, believing that Roe v. Wade is settled law.  They must also be pro-campaign finance reform, believing that previous Supreme Court decisions are NOT settled law.

Instead of deciding such issues according to the Constitution, potential justices must agree with Mrs. Clinton’s political beliefs.  This is what we will be getting in a Clinton presidency. [Read more…]