Canada’s prisoner of conscience on the new euthanasia law

As Canada’s new law permitting euthanasia goes into effect, the pro-life prisoner of conscience Mary Wagner–in the maximum security prison for women for counseling mothers not to get an abortion–has written a public letter.  She warns against pro-lifers seeking conscience clauses and other ways to protect themselves against the law, as opposed to standing up against its evil at any cost.  She says that times like these are occasions to “bear witness to Christ.” [Read more...]

When being pro-life was a liberal issue

Not only did liberals used to be pro-life, opposing abortion used to be a progressive principle.  So shows a new book on the origins of the pro-life movement before Roe v. Wade, reviewed in the Atlantic. [Read more...]

Outrage at Super Bowl Doritos ad for “humanizing fetus”

The pro-abortion group NARAL is outraged at the Super Bowl ad that showed a fetus on ultrasound craving the dad’s Doritos.  The accusation was that the ad used “the antichoice tactic of humanizing fetuses.”

Humanizing fetuses!  What about the pro-abortion tactic of dehumanizing fetuses?  You’ve got to read Russell Moore’s account of the controversy, excerpted and linked after the jump. [Read more...]

Judge slaps injunction against more Planned Parenthood videos

In yet another victory for Planned Parenthood lawyers, a judge granted a preliminary injunction against the Center for Medical Progress, forbidding them to issue any more videos of the abortionist organization discussing fetal tissue trafficking. [Read more...]

Yet another Planned Parenthood video

Even though they have been indicted for their undercover journalism, the folks at the Center for Medical Progress have released another video, this one showing a Planned Parenthood official explaining the accounting tricks they use to hide their organ trafficking.  You can see the video at the link, after the jump, which also outlines the filmmaker’s defense. [Read more...]

Can you be pro-life and pro-gun?

Evangelical pastor Rob Schenck criticizes his fellow conservative Christians for being knee-jerk 2nd Amendment supporters, arguing that it is impossible to be both pro-life and pro-gun.  A Lutheran police officer, Joseph Klotz, answers those arguments, concluding that the missing piece of the puzzle is vocation. [Read more...]