Planned Parenthood’s political army

Planned Parenthood has launched a massive political initiative designed to elect politicans who are pro-abortion, will support its abortion business, and will preserve its half a billion dollars in taxpayer funding.  Plans include a super PAC, 800 paid staffers (more than Hillary Clinton has), and 3,500 paid volunteers who will be knocking on doors.

Students for Life president Kristan Hawkins tells all about it, beginning after the jump. [Read more…]

Make the Hyde Amendment permanent 

Even the majority of those who believe in abortion agree that taxpayers shouldn’t have to pay for it.  The Hyde Amendment, which was passed 40 years ago last week, prevents taxpayer dollars from paying for abortions.  The problem is, it has to be approved every year.

In the past, this has always received routine bipartisan support.  But today pro-abortion militants are targeting the amendment, so it is losing Democratic support.  In fact, Hillary Clinton is calling for ending the Hyde Amendment.  She wants taxpayers to foot the bill for killing unborn children.

There is a measure before Congress to make the Hyde Amendment permanent.  Oklahoma Senator James Lankford writes about that after the jump. [Read more…]

Pro-abortion Catholics

Pro-abortion Catholics–members of “Catholics for Choice”–are running ads promoting their position, calling abortion a “social justice issue” and urging the repeal of the Hyde Amendment, which prevents taxpayer money from being to kill babies in the womb.  (This, by the way, is Hillary Clinton’s goal.)

A piece by Mary Hallan Fiorito critiques this group.  She also writes about the history of legalized abortion, citing the role of Richard Nixon’s “Rockefeller Report” on ways to prevent “overpopulation.”  Its recommendations included legalizing abortion. [Read more…]

Making babies without women

The Frankenstein fear of reproductive engineering so far has been the future possibility that women could have babies without men, rendering males obsolete.  But now scientists are working on making ordinary cells function as eggs, so that they can be fertilized by sperm.  They have already made this work with baby mice.

So maybe women, with the further invention of artificial wombs, will become obsolete instead.  Not only that, this new technology, should it work, would allow two men to conceive a child.   If we get rid of either women or men, same-sex marriage might be the only kind left.  Perhaps the fluid gender movement is a preparation for the time when human beings will have no gender and no sex at all!

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98% of pregnant women with Zika have healthy babies

Pro-abortionists are using the threat of birth defects from Zika infections to justify abortions, including late-term abortions.  But only 2% of pregnant women with Zika give birth to children with microencephaly.  That is, 98% of pregnant women with Zika give birth to healthy babies. [Read more…]