“It’s too late for Charlie”


The parents of the baby Charlie Gard have given up their legal battle to send their terminally-ill child to the United States for treatment.

The American doctor who came to London to examine the child concluded that the experimental treatment he was offering would not be helpful after all.

The question of who gets to decide on treatment for a child–parents or doctors?–was not definitively answered, at least in terms of British law. [Read more…]

Why having fewer children won’t save the earth


A study that claims having one fewer child will reduce your carbon footprint by 58 metric tons a year is getting attention.  Especially from progressives who already tend to look down on big families.

But Lyman Stone shows that the study is fake science based on ludicrously fake mathematics. [Read more…]

The U.S. doctor will go to U.K. for Charlie Gard

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If the baby can’t go to the doctor, let the doctor come to the baby.  Here is the latest development in the case of Charlie Gard, the baby with a horrendous disease whom British judges won’t allow to come to America for experimental treatment, violating his parents’ wishes, so that he can “die with dignity”:  The American doctor who offered to treat him, at the judge’s invitation, will fly to the UK to assess the child’s condition.

If there is a chance the experimental treatment might help, there are indications that the judge may change his ruling.

The doctor is no crackpot, as has sometimes been implied.  He is with the Columbia University Medical Center.

Details after the jump. [Read more…]

Oregon to force taxpayers to pay for abortion


Oregon is enacting a law that will require all insurance companies to pay for abortions, without a co-pay, and will set aside $10,000,000 in taxpayer money to pay for abortions through Medicaid. [Read more…]

Why it was good that we broke away from Britain


Some say that the American revolution was not really necessary.  That staying with Great Britain would not mean the loss of freedoms or succumbing to tyranny.  Great Britain and its former colonies that are now autonomous members of the Commonwealth under the monarchy are quite free today.  If the American colonies didn’t have their revolution, today they would be like Canada.  And is that so bad?

What do you think of that argument?  After the jump, consider three examples of how the British system makes the state far more powerful over individual citizens, whose rights have far fewer protections, than in the American system. [Read more…]

Russian adoptions and the Donald Trump Jr. meeting

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President Trump’s son, Donald, Jr., admits that after his father’s nomination, he met with a Russian lawyer who said that she could provide damaging information about Hillary Clinton.  But that he and his father’s key advisors Paul Manafort and Jared Kushner walked out when her story didn’t amount to anything and it became clear that what she really wanted to talk about was Russia’s adoption policy.

On the surface, this would seem to be a case of the Russians trying to influence the election.  Why else would they offer damaging information about the Democratic nominee to the Republican nominee?  Wouldn’t this be an attempt to help get the Republican elected?

But there is more to the story.  As Natasha Bertrand shows, after the jump, the lawyer represents a Russian who is trying to restore the ability of Americans to adopt Russian children.

In response to an American law denying visas to Russian officials and oligarchs alleged to have been involved with the killing in custody of whistleblower Sergei Magnitsky.  In retaliation, Vladimir Putin ended the program allowing for Americans to adopt children from Russian orphanages.  (I know a family that adopted two Russian boys.)

To be sure, the Russian who started a foundation to restore American adoptions and sent his lawyer to talk with the Trump family may well have had ulterior motives in wanting the Magnitsky Act repealed.  He may or may not have connections to the Russian government.  He may well have been working for his own interests in trying to persuade the Republican candidate to take up his cause.

So, contrary to how this is being played in much of the media, this is not “a smoking gun” proving the Trump’s administration’s collusion with the Russia government in throwing the election.  I just wish Donald, Jr., were less interested in getting dirt on Hillary Clinton and more interested in restoring the Russian adoption program!

Read the complicated story of the Magnitsky Act and this particular Russian lawyer after the jump.

UPDATE:  The New York Times is reporting that in an e-mail setting up the meeting, Donald, Jr., was told that it was part of an effort by the Russian government to help his father’s candidacy.

[Read more…]