How feminism was hijacked by the pro-abortionists

Feminism at first was not pro-abortion.  Not only were the 19th century Suffragettes pro-life, pioneering 20th century feminists like Betty Friedan were at most ambivalent about abortion.  The fact is, the early pro-abortion movement was led by men.  In 1967, though, the pro-abortionist leader Larry Lader gained the endorsement of the National Organization for Women and abortion became a feminist cause.

This story is told by an early activist, Sue Ellen Browder, who later converted to Catholicism in her book Subverted:  How I Helped the Sexual Revolution Hijack the Women’s Movement.   Abigail Rine Favale reviews the book for First Things, excerpted and linked after the jump. [Read more…]

Supreme Court may have a solution for Obamacare mandate

The Supreme Court unanimously agreed to send the lawsuit from religious organizations objecting to the Obamacare contraceptive requirement back to a lower court.  Apparently, the justices think they have found a solution that would prevent the religious groups from feeling “complicit in sin” by notifying the government about their objections, so as to force their insurance companies to provide the coverage for free.  The solution seems to be (this hasn’t been made explicit) to have the employees, rather than the organization, ask for the coverage. [Read more…]

And now, euthanasia for obsessive cleaning

The Netherlands has extended its legalized euthanasia program to include people with mental and emotional problems.  Victims of sexual abuse are now being euthanized, as is at least one woman with a obsessive compulsion to clean. [Read more…]

Human embryo grown outside the womb for 13 days

Scientists have set a new record in keeping a human embryo–that is to say, a developing baby–alive outside the womb for 13 days.  Then they let it–rather, him or her–die.

The law in England, where the experiment took place, sets a limit of 14 days, the time of “individuation” after which identical twins cannot split off from each other.  The experiment was cut short to avoid going over that limit, but reportedly the embryo could have been allowed to keep developing.  Now scientists are calling for the limit to be extended.

How scrupulous they are to obey the government’s law, while being oblivious to the moral law against killing the helpless, not to mention the violation of parenthood. [Read more…]

Update on the crime of exposing Planned Parenthood

The makers of the videos that exposed Planned Parenthood’s fetal trafficking program only to get indicted by a Texas grand jury (for fetal trafficking!) turned down a plea bargain that would have effectively ended the criminal charges.  They are insisting on their day in court. [Read more…]