Human embryo grown outside the womb for 13 days

Scientists have set a new record in keeping a human embryo–that is to say, a developing baby–alive outside the womb for 13 days.  Then they let it–rather, him or her–die.

The law in England, where the experiment took place, sets a limit of 14 days, the time of “individuation” after which identical twins cannot split off from each other.  The experiment was cut short to avoid going over that limit, but reportedly the embryo could have been allowed to keep developing.  Now scientists are calling for the limit to be extended.

How scrupulous they are to obey the government’s law, while being oblivious to the moral law against killing the helpless, not to mention the violation of parenthood. [Read more…]

Update on the crime of exposing Planned Parenthood

The makers of the videos that exposed Planned Parenthood’s fetal trafficking program only to get indicted by a Texas grand jury (for fetal trafficking!) turned down a plea bargain that would have effectively ended the criminal charges.  They are insisting on their day in court. [Read more…]

Trump wants GOP platform to allow for abortion

Donald Trump said that he wants to change the Republican platform so that it allows for abortion in the case of rape, incest, or to save the life of the mother.

This makes no difference to Christian followers like activist Phyllis Schafly, even though she rejects those exceptions (unlike other recent Republican nominees) and formerly fought other attempts to change the platform on this issue.   The current language calls for a human life amendment and for legislation to apply the 14th amendment to unborn children. [Read more…]

Selling brides in China

Under China’s one-child policy, girl babies were routinely aborted so that the parents’ one child would be a son.  As a result, there are far more men than women in China.  This “woman shortage” means that many men can’t find anyone to marry.  So human traffickers are kidnapping women, particularly in Viet Nam, and selling them as brides in China.  This is becoming a big business, as CNN reports, after the jump.

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The burst of light at the moment of conception

Scientists have discovered that at the moment of conception, when the sperm meets the egg, a bright flash of light is emitted.  This is being described, contrary to the pro-abortion propaganda, as happening at “the very moment that a new life begins.”

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Hillary Clinton’s litmus tests for Supreme Court nominees

Conservatives have had to be careful to say they would apply no “litmus test” for Supreme Court nominees, when it comes to abortion or other controversial issues.  But Hillary Clinton is saying that she WILL have a litmus test for her nominees.  They must be pro-abortion, believing that Roe v. Wade is settled law.  They must also be pro-campaign finance reform, believing that previous Supreme Court decisions are NOT settled law.

Instead of deciding such issues according to the Constitution, potential justices must agree with Mrs. Clinton’s political beliefs.  This is what we will be getting in a Clinton presidency. [Read more…]