Reproduction as resurrection

baby-1414531_1280Peter Leithart gives a splendid reading of Shakespeare’s Sonnet 3, in which he is trying to persuade his “fair young friend” (contrary to the homosexual readings of the sonnets) to get married and have children.

Leithart shows how Shakespeare and his age thought of what it means to have children, including the connection of sexuality to nature (for example, the link between “husband” and “husbandry”) and the notion that the reproduction is an image of resurrection. [Read more…]

Euthanizing alcoholics

3756149417_5d17dda4c3_oA man in the Netherlands was euthanized because he was an alcoholic.

The story excerpted and linked after the jump gives a vivid and tragic description of what happened.

The Netherlands changed the law to allow for physician assisted suicide in cases not just of terminal illness but of “unbearable suffering,” which includes personal and psychological unhappiness.  In another recent case, the victim of sexual abuse was euthanized because of her trauma.

So the hurting are assisted in killing themselves rather than giving them help and support.

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Abortion rate is lowest since before Roe v. Wade

photo-1452715923772-3af19799aef8_optThe abortion rate has dropped to the lowest point since 1971, two years before Roe v. Wade legalized abortion nation-wide.  The rate, according to the latest figures which are from 2013, is now 12.5 abortions per 1,000 pregnancies.  That is half what it was in the 1980s.

But this still means some 900,000 abortions per year, still a ghastly figure.

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Banning video of happy Downs children

France has banned the showing of this video on French television on the grounds that showing happy, smiling children with Down Syndrome might “disturb the conscience” of women who have had abortions.

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Trump and the culture war issues

An Associated Press story, excerpted and linked after the jump, says that Trump’s election victory “resets” the culture wars.  It quotes LGBT and pro-abortion activists lamenting that their causes have experienced a setback.

First of all, Trump supports gay rights.  He “is fine” with gay marriage, something he reiterated after his election.  And the sexual revolution certainly has nothing to fear from someone with his record.

But he is committed to appointing pro-life judges, something else he reiterated after his election.  And, based on earlier statements, he is likely to be more friendly to religious liberty issues, such as allowing conscience exemptions.

So cultural conservatives are likely to get something, though not everything, from a Trump presidency.  But the same can be said of cultural liberals.

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Euthanizing the mentally ill

Assisted Suicide laws usually have a provision specifying that a person must be “mentally competent” in order to make the decision to die.  But California’s new euthanasia law allows for the assisted suicide of patients who are so mentally ill that they have been institutionalized. [Read more…]