When Jesse Jackson was pro-life and why he changed

335px-Jesse_Jackson,_half-length_portrait_of_Jackson_seated_at_a_table,_July_1,_1983_editIn a tribute to the recently-deceased Nat Hentoff, Carl Trueman describes an encounter on a train between the pro-life leftist and Jesse Jackson.

From Carl R. Trueman, Strangers on a Train | Carl R. Trueman | First Things:

There is one passage in Speaking Freely (177-78) that offers disturbing insights into modern political culture. Hentoff quotes a certain politician on abortion: “What happens to the soul of a nation that accepts the aborting of the life of a baby without a pang of conscience? What kind of society will we have twenty years hence if life can be taken so casually?” He also quotes the same politician on the right to privacy: “There are those who argue that the right to privacy is of a higher order than the right of life. That was the premise of slavery. You could not protest the existence or treatment of slaves on the plantation because that was private and therefore outside of your right to be concerned.” This politician had himself almost been aborted, and he saw the clear connection between the dehumanizing of a child in the womb and racial oppression, in that both involve a denial of real personhood to a human being.

Later on, this politician decided to run for president and magically changed his mind on abortion. His name? Jesse Jackson. [Read more…]

Susan B. Anthony and the other early feminists were pro-life

Susan_B._Anthony_G.E._PerineFeminists today hail the pioneers of women’s rights, the suffragettes and 19th century activists who crusaded for women’s right to vote and equality before the law.  But they also crusaded against abortion.

Yes, Susan B. Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Mary Wollstonecraft, Elizabeth Blackwell, and Sarah F. Norton would not have been allowed to participate in the “Women’s March on Washington” because they were pro-life.

Marjorie Dannenfelser gives the details after the jump.

UPDATE:  See also this, which discusses the Saturday Night Live skit and has a beautiful pro-life quote from Anthony.

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Pro-life women excluded from “Women’s March”

90081071_dc7db9cafd_zThe day after Donald Trump’s Inauguration, thousands of women will march on Washington to demonstrate for women’s issues.  But pro-life women–even pro-life feminists, even pro-life feminist liberals–will not be allowed to join the demonstration.

From Views on Abortion Strain Calls for Unity at Women’s March on Washington – The New York Times:

As a self-described feminist and law student who wants to correct racial wrongs in the criminal justice system, Maria Lyon agrees with Hillary Clinton that “women’s rights are human rights.” But when thousands of women march on the capital the day after Donald J. Trump is inaugurated as president, she will not be there.

The reason: She opposes abortion.

“It’s hard, because right now it feels like if you’re pro-life, you’re anti-woman,” said Ms. Lyon, 23, who studies law at the University of Wisconsin. “That’s kind of the traditional rhetoric. It’s like if you care about women and you care about women’s rights then you should be pro-choice.”

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Planned Parenthood won’t report child sex-trafficking?

Planned_Parenthood_in_St._PaulIn 2011, a Live Action crew posing as sex traffickers, visited a number of Planned Parenthood clinics and asked if they could arrange abortions for 14 and 15-year-old “sex workers.”  Planned Parenthood workers were caught on video saying yes, that they didn’t obey parental notification laws, and going on to give further advice.

Planned Parenthood responded by promising to provide training to its employees on identifying victims of sex-trafficking.  A new report shows that this training never happened, except for a workshop billed as such but was really on how to detect undercover video crews. [Read more…]

“The last honest liberal” dies 

Hentoff_bioNat Hentoff, 91, has died.  The jazz critic for the Village Voice, Hentoff described himself as a left-wing Jewish atheist.  But he became a pro-life crusader, alienating his fellow liberals for his strong opposition to abortion.  Hentoff was a civil libertarian, fiercely devoted to the Constitution, who quit the ACLU because of its support of speech codes.

Hentoff had been called “the last honest liberal” for his consistency in extending the left’s concern for the poor and marginalized to the most poor and marginalized of them all:  unborn children. [Read more…]

The Democrats’ religion problem

12522034864_d0253b3da9_zMichael Wear is a pro-life evangelical Christian who was a staffer for Barack Obama, helping him reach faith groups in 2012.  He is now criticizing his fellow Democrats for writing off Christians.

Emma Green, writing in the Atlantic, interviews him about his new book on the subject  and about why the Democratic party as a whole has become so antagonistic to religious people, something that did not used to be the case and something that will continue to limit the party’s prospects in this still very religious nation. [Read more…]