Planned Parenthood shootings

A gunman attacked a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs, killing three people (including a police officer) and wounding nine.

Prediction:  This will be blamed on the Planned Parenthood videos and the subsequent attempts to defund the abortion providers.  Also that pro-abortionists will associate other pro-lifers with “terrorists” and attempt to make all criticisms of this “legal procedure” socially unacceptable. [Read more...]

Supreme Court will rule on how much abortion can be regulated

The Supreme Court will take up its biggest abortion case in 25 years, promising to decide exactly to what extent abortion can be limited and regulated without violating a woman’s constitutional rights. [Read more...]

China replaces one-child policy with two-child policy

The Chinese Communist party announced that it is lifting its one-child policy, which led to the forced abortion of millions of children.

Not that the party is becoming pro-life:  The policy led to a demographic mess, with an imbalance of more men than women (girls being most frequently aborted) and a shortage of new workers that threatens the nation’s economic growth.  Nor is the party embracing any kind of freedom, in which couples can choose how many children they have.  Now married couples will be allowed to have two children, but no more.

After the jump, excerpts and a link to a rather remarkable article in the usually pro-abortion Washington Post about the “horrors” of the one-child policy. [Read more...]

How they got the Planned Parenthood videos

The Washington Post has a fascinating profile of David Daleiden, who insinuated himself into abortionist circles to secretly record those Planned Parenthood videos showing officials joking about abortion and fetal tissue trafficking.  The story tells how he did it. [Read more...]

Babies are now living before they are legally “viable”

Legally, a fetus is not considered “viable” until 24 weeks, at which time certain protections may kick in.  But now, according to a new study, a baby may very well be viable–that is, able to survive outside the womb–at 22 weeks, and possibly earlier, especially as medical technology keeps getting better. [Read more...]

Christian, Christian-influenced, and anti-Christian

Ross Douthat, a Catholic columnist for the New York Times, has written about the difference between some of the various strains of orthodox Christianity and the various heresies that are still in the Christian orbit (including what he calls “Americanized Christianity”).  Then there is Christian influence, which can even be seen in people who reject Christianity.  But at some point, as we are starting to see, there is a mindset and a culture that are utterly devoid of anything Christian.  Please read his whole essay, but I quote how he finishes after the jump. [Read more...]