Why we celebrate St. Valentine’s Day

The influence of Christianity on our civilization is such that even secular-seeming holidays like Halloween and Valentine’s Day derive, if indirectly, from the church.  St. Valentine’s Day is a curious one, a celebration of romantic love.  I think this is a good thing to celebrate, but why do we do it, and what’s the connection with St. Valentine?

St. Valentine was a martyr for the faith, giving his life for his Christian convictions during the Roman persecutions.  (I hope someone is recording the names of the martyrs who are giving their lives for their Christian convictions during the current Islamic persecutions.  We should put their names on the Christian calendar too.)

But why is St. Valentine associated with romantic love?  You will hear stories that he secretly presided over weddings for Roman soldiers, despite the Emperor’s forbidding of marriage.  And that he gave a message–some say, shaped like a heart–to his jailer’s daughter, signing it, “your Valentine.”  You might hear other accounts of why he became the patron saint of lovers.

But those stories are late additions to the saint’s legend.  They were added after St. Valentine’s Day was already associated with love, the first time being in the 1380s.

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A blog for Lutheran writers

My daughter Mary J. Moerbe, herself a writer with whom I have collaborated,  has started a blog for Lutheran writers.  It’s called Meet, Write, and Salutary.  (Get it?)  It’s full of tips, information, advice, and support for Christian writers and Lutheran writers in particular.   Check it out.

Freeing the guilty, punishing the innocent

A Texas grand jury investigating Planned Parenthood for organ trafficking exonerated that organization and instead indicted the pro-lifers who made the videos in which the abortionists talked about selling fetal tissue!  In fact, the grand jury is charging the two filmmakers for trafficking in fetal tissue, since they formed a cover business supposedly seeking to buy fetal organs in order to get Planned Parenthood officials to talk.  The filmmakers could be facing 20 years in prison.

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