Starving patients to death

starvation_by_ivnkadsyra-d4f57bcEuthanasia laws have a way of expanding.  Once a society accepts the concept that sick people should be “put out of their misery,” the benefit can be applied ever more broadly–to those who are not terminally ill, just depressed; to people who cannot give consent; to the mentally handicapped; to children.  What begins as a humane-sounding way to end heart-breaking suffering, to be used only in rare and carefully defined cases, turns into something ever-more brutal.

Oregon legalized assisted suicide in 1997.  A new law would allow caregivers to deny food to those who have written an advance-care directive allowing for non-treatment.  Not just intravenous nutrition, but actual eating and drinking, even if the patient is hungry and wants to eat. [Read more…]

Alcohol vs. marijuana

marijuana-34353_640California, Maine, Massachusetts, and Nevada legalized recreational marijuana in the last election, joining Colorado, Washington, Oregon, and our nation’s capital.

This trend has the alcohol industry worried.  The fear is that as people pick their poison, they will choose marijuana for their intoxicant instead of beer or liquor.  Some alcohol companies are giving money to anti-marijuana legalization efforts and re-adjusting their long-term plans.

I remember hearing that Willie Nelson praised marijuana because it helped him stop drinking.  Alcohol reportedly made him mean; marijuana made him mellow.

Could it be that marijuana would be better for society than alcohol?  Or would wide-spread marijuana use just give us a land of Lotus eaters?

Read the story in the Financial Times after the jump. [Read more…]

Euthanizing the mentally ill

Assisted Suicide laws usually have a provision specifying that a person must be “mentally competent” in order to make the decision to die.  But California’s new euthanasia law allows for the assisted suicide of patients who are so mentally ill that they have been institutionalized. [Read more…]

Obamacare blows up

2017 may be the year that Obamacare blows up.  The number of mandated free coverages and other government requirements on the insurance companies is causing premiums to shoot up.  It has also caused many of the insurance companies that once participated to drop out of the program, meaning less competition and sending premiums even higher.

An editorial in the Daily Oklahoman cites a buyer who paid $318 per month in Obamacare’s first year.  In 2017, he will have to pay $716 a month.  With a $2,500 deductible.  And his dental and vision plans have been dropped.

Yes, low income customers can get government subsidies, which will also have to go up, adding to the deficit. But even then, the deductibles have become so high that many of the uninsured are still hard-pressed to pay their medical bills even with their government-mandated insurance. [Read more…]

Making babies without women

The Frankenstein fear of reproductive engineering so far has been the future possibility that women could have babies without men, rendering males obsolete.  But now scientists are working on making ordinary cells function as eggs, so that they can be fertilized by sperm.  They have already made this work with baby mice.

So maybe women, with the further invention of artificial wombs, will become obsolete instead.  Not only that, this new technology, should it work, would allow two men to conceive a child.   If we get rid of either women or men, same-sex marriage might be the only kind left.  Perhaps the fluid gender movement is a preparation for the time when human beings will have no gender and no sex at all!

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The health of our candidates

During ceremonies at the 9/11 memorial, Hillary Clinton fainted.   Democrats and their media comrades have been waxing indignant at questions about Mrs. Clinton’s health, due to reports of her needing help to go up stairs, her coughing fits, and various other alleged signs of bad health.  They called such concerns “conspiracy theories,” though it wasn’t clear what was conspiratorial about them.

Now, though, due to this public breakdown, even her supporters (such as the Washington Post columnist quoted after the jump) are admitting that the candidates’ health has to be an issue.

Her campaign now reports that she has pneumonia.

I recall Ronald Reagan, who was up there in age, getting a physical and releasing his “bill of health” to the public.  I’m pretty sure that other presidential candidates have routinely done the same.  Both Mrs. Clinton and Donald Trump are in their 70s, and it is perfectly reasonable for voters to desire information about their general health.  Shouldn’t this be forthcoming?
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