Sequel to “The Passion of the Christ”

Mel Gibson is reportedly planning a sequel to his film “The Passion of the Christ,” focusing on Christ’s resurrection.  Screenwriter Randall Wallace (Braveheart) told Hollywood Reporter that he is working on the script. [Read more…]

Terrence Malick as pro-life filmmaker

One of today’s most acclaimed, sophisticated, and artistic filmmakers is Terrence Malick, a practicing Roman Catholic Christian.  Critics complain about not being able to understand his latest film, Knight of Cups.  But William Randolph Brafford explains that the movie is all about “the culture of life”; specifically, openness to having children. [Read more…]

How is “Risen”?

Have you seen “Risen,” the movie about the Resurrection of Christ?  It reportedly has strong production values, unlike many low-budget “faith-based” films, and Hollywood street-cred.  It stars Joseph Fiennes (who also starred in “Luther”) as a Roman soldier trying to solve the mystery of the empty tomb.

I haven’t seen it.  Should I?  See the trailer after the jump.


[Read more…]

The only ones to be let down by Star Wars

My wife and I finally saw the new Star Wars movie.  Our verdict:  It was not good!  I will explain why after the jump.  But what worries me is that pretty much everyone I’ve heard from, plus 93% of critics tracked by Rotten Tomatoes, loved it.  Are we the only ones in the galaxy who were disappointed?  What is the matter with us?  A group of our tribe that was home for Christmas watched it earlier, and the report was positive, though later, under interrogation, one admitted that she felt the way we did.  Are there others, perhaps inhibited by peer pressure from stating their true views?  Or is there something good in the movie that we somehow missed?

Let me state my case against the movie.  Then I’d like you to say whether I’m right or wrong.  I wanted very much to like this film, being a fan of Star Wars, so I’m open to persuasion. [Read more…]

The vocation of being an advocate for the dead

An article on the real-life doctor featured in the movie Concussion says quite a bit about the Nigerian Christian’s understanding of “calling”; that is, vocation.  (Did any of this come out in the movie?) [Read more…]

Can the new Star Wars movie be good?

Did you know that a new Star Wars movie is opening this weekend?  I’m pretty sure you do, since I have never seen so much hype for a movie.  Nor have I seen so much merchandising before a movie has even been released.  As a Star Wars fan like the rest of humanity, I’m looking forward to seeing it and I hope it lives up to expectations.  But there are some aesthetic and cultural reasons why it might not. [Read more…]