“Sully” screenwriter on vocation

The screenwriter for Clint Eastwood’s movie Sully, about the pilot who saved his passengers by landing in the Hudson River, is a devout Christian.

In talking about his faith and his movie, Todd Komarnicki discusses vocation, though he doesn’t use the term.  But he gets the concept:  God works through people. [Read more…]

The internet as god

The internet is everywhere.  It knows everything about you.  It will solve all of our problems.  It will protect us.  The singularity will create a new world.  When we download our consciousness into the web, we will have eternal life.  Doesn’t that sound as if the internet is a god?

Werner Herzog’s documentary film Lo and Behold:  Reveries of the Connected World. explores the religious dimensions of the internet.  Martyn Smith, in a review of the film excerpted after the jump, draws them out. [Read more…]

“Chariots of Fire” and the vocation of athletics

A rabbi writing in the Wall Street Journal offers reflections on Chariots of Fire, the 1981 movie about Olympic runners Eric Liddell and Harold Abrahams.  The movie, of course, is about athletics as VOCATION.

Read an excerpt from the column after the jump, whereupon I offer some reflections about it, including the difference between Liddell’s Calvinist understanding of the vocation of an athlete and what a Lutheran view would add.

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Sequel to “The Passion of the Christ”

Mel Gibson is reportedly planning a sequel to his film “The Passion of the Christ,” focusing on Christ’s resurrection.  Screenwriter Randall Wallace (Braveheart) told Hollywood Reporter that he is working on the script. [Read more…]

Terrence Malick as pro-life filmmaker

One of today’s most acclaimed, sophisticated, and artistic filmmakers is Terrence Malick, a practicing Roman Catholic Christian.  Critics complain about not being able to understand his latest film, Knight of Cups.  But William Randolph Brafford explains that the movie is all about “the culture of life”; specifically, openness to having children. [Read more…]

How is “Risen”?

Have you seen “Risen,” the movie about the Resurrection of Christ?  It reportedly has strong production values, unlike many low-budget “faith-based” films, and Hollywood street-cred.  It stars Joseph Fiennes (who also starred in “Luther”) as a Roman soldier trying to solve the mystery of the empty tomb.

I haven’t seen it.  Should I?  See the trailer after the jump.


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