Reformation Rap

For those of you who consider yourself too cool for polka, I offer here a battle rap smackdown between Martin Luther and Pope Leo X. Yo.

(This is by students from Bethel University in St. Paul, MN. Caution: some bad language and irreverence in church.)


The Reformation Polka

Thanks to Bob Waters at Watersblogged! for putting me on to this. I’d like to learn more about the creators of this little work of art:

My Students’ Accomplishment

Apple is sponsoring a filmmaking contest in which, at a certain time, specific requirements are posted (the film must show a park bench, use an edit known as a match cut, etc.). Entrants then have 24 hours to make a 3-minute movie. They submit it online, then the world watches it and rates it. Those that rate the best get a laptop and a viewing from Hollywood professionals.

Some of my students did an entry and you’ve got to see it. I’ve posted it below. Get a load of the camera work and the editing. The story is gently satirical about the “sticking it to the Man” and “the Man’s sticking it to me” mentality. It would help them if you would go to the site and give it a rating.

about the contest

the criteria they had to follow

this tells about the students

go here to vote (register with your iTunes or Apple account, if you have one).

“Score” (a 3-minute movie)