New Mozart/Salieri composition discovered

A score of a new composition by Mozart has been discovered, the music to an opera libretto.  And he wrote it in collaboration with Antonio Salieri, whom the play Amadeus accused of murdering Mozart!

I can’t find a recording of what the piece of music sounds like.  Let us know if you come across one. [Read more…]

Gordon Lightfoot’s vocation

The London Telegraph interviewed songwriter Gordon Lightfoot, who reflected on his life and career.  We can see how the most seemingly ordinary things–parents, church, small-town life, listening to Bing Crosby Christmas records–turned him into the artist that he became.  The interview reads like a meditation on vocation. [Read more…]

A true rock ‘n’ roll rebel

Rock ‘n’ roll icon David Bowie died of cancer at the age of 69.  He had the reputation as a rebel against pop culture conventions.  But perhaps you didn’t know just how rebellious he was. [Read more…]

Lutheran vs. other traditions’ Christmas songs

The latest Christmas offering from Hans Fiene at Lutheran Satire:

[Read more…]

You may now sing “Happy Birthday to You” for free

Did you know that when you sing “Happy Birthday to You,” unless you have paid royalties to Warner/Chappell Music, you have been violating the copyright law?  But no more.  A court has ruled that the song, based on an 1893 melody, is in the public domain.

The publishers do not pursue private uses of the song, but commercial uses, such as in movies, have been earning the company $2 million per year. [Read more…]

Songs that you cannot get out of your head

The Wall Street Journal has an article on recent research into “earworms,” those songs that you cannot get out of your head.  Usually, as we all know, those songs tend to be ones that we just hate!

I propose a diabolical discussion, one that is so fiendish that it will be the closest thing this blog will do to a Halloween observance:  In the comments, name songs that get stuck in your head.  I daresay that the very mention of them will get the tunes playing in the mental jukebox that is your brain, to your great torment.

If the prospect of that is too horrible for you, DO NOT READ THE COMMENTS. [Read more…]