Japan flirts with World War II ideology again

Japan’s Liberal Democratic Party has just won a 2/3 majority in both of its houses of legislature, enabling it to amend its Constitution, which had been imposed by the United States after World War II.  The party wants to change the Constitution because it enshrines “the Western European theory of natural human rights,” including the freedom of speech.

Many in the party, including the Prime Minister, belong to a group that believes Japan was in the right during World War II.  These lawmakers want to rebuild Japan’s military capacity and to return to worship of the Emperor. [Read more…]

Donald Trump and Nietzsche

In a discussion of Donald Trump’s theology, Christian conservative Peter Wehner observes that the presumptive Republican presidential nominee’s worldview–with its emphasis on power, strength, and winning and its constant putdowns of the weak, the unattractive, and “losers”–is that of the anti-Christian philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche.

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Still waiting for Godot

Some former students are putting on Waiting for Godot, Samuel Beckett’s absurdist comedy, and asked me to write a post for the troupe’s blog that would help people understand what the heck is going on.  So I offered some worldview analysis of Beckett’s absurdist existentialism and threw in some literary analysis, as is my wont.  See the post, excerpted and linked after the jump. [Read more…]

The Weimar problem

From George Will:

“Every republic,” writes Charles Kesler, professor of government at Claremont McKenna College, “eventually faces what might be called the Weimar problem.” It arrives when a nation’s civic culture has become so debased that the nation no longer has “the virtues necessary to sustain republican government.”

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Trump’s worldview

I am astonished that Eric Metaxis, author of Bonhoeffer and heir to Chuck Colson’s Breakpoint, is actively promoting Donald Trump (see this and this).   Metaxis is an expert on analysing underlying worldviews.  After the jump, a discussion of Trump’s worldview. [Read more…]

Are Christians responsible for the Orlando shooting?

The left is blaming Christians for the Orlando attack on gays and lesbians, while defending Islam.  Even though the attacker himself said that he acted in the name of Islam.  David French explores this odd pattern of accusation and defense. [Read more…]