Republican debate tonight

The Republican presidential candidates will debate tonight, one week before the South Carolina primary.  Since the field has diminished–Jim Gilmore just dropped out–there will be no undercard, so all six remaining candidates (Trump, Cruz, Carson, Rubio, Bush, and Kasich) will be on the same stage.

The debate will be on CBS at 9:00 p.m. ET.  I’m still on the road, so I can’t liveblog it, but feel free to comment on it and to talk about it here.

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Clinton’s desperation

I missed the Democratic debate.  What happened and where does it leave the Democratic race?  At any rate, reportedly, the Clinton campaign is not happy.  The tactics against Sanders are to imply that he is anti-black and anti-woman.  And Bill Clinton has been unleashed.

Bill accused Bernie Sanders of hypocrisy because he too takes money for speeches.  In 2014, Sanders made $1,850, from a TV show, a publishing company, and a machinists’ union.  Hillary Clinton made $21 million, from Goldman Sachs, big banks, and big pharmaceutical companies.

Political operative Dick Morris analyzes the new rhetoric from the Clinton camp, seeing it as a sign of desperation.

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Democratic debate tonight

The Democratic presidential candidates will clash tonight in a debate hosted by PBS at 9:00 p.m. ET in Milwaukee.  Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton have a lot to talk about.

I’m on the road again and won’t be able to liveblog the proceedings.  Come here to comment on what goes on.

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Christie, Fiorina quit the race

Showing that hurting your opponent doesn’t necessarily help you, Chris Christie–who took apart Marco Rubio during the last debate–dropped out of the presidential race.  So did Carly Fiorino.

The question now is, who will be the beneficiary?

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When being pro-life was a liberal issue

Not only did liberals used to be pro-life, opposing abortion used to be a progressive principle.  So shows a new book on the origins of the pro-life movement before Roe v. Wade, reviewed in the Atlantic. [Read more...]

Trump & Sanders win New Hampshire primary

Both the Democratic and the Republican anti-establishment candidates won the New Hampshire primary.  According to the counts at this moment (which are likely to change, but this gives you an idea), Bernie Sanders has 57% of the vote, to Hillary Clinton’s 40%.

Donald Trump has 34%.  The second place winner, as of now, may be a surprise:  John Kasich with 16%.  Bush has 12%, Iowa winner Cruz has 11.5%, and mainstream-darling-before-his-disastrous-debate-performance Rubio has 10%.

Again, it really could be the socialist Sanders vs. the capitalist Trump.  The Clinton campaign is in a state of crisis.  The Republican alternative to Trump is no clearer.

Have we overlooked Kasich, who may be the most qualified and experienced candidate, with his long career as lawmaker and governor, his common-sense moderation, and his kind, avuncular manner? [Read more...]