Who made the GOP debate roster

Fox News, which is conducting the first Republican presidential primary debate, has crunched the poll numbers to arrive at the top 10 candidates.  These will debate each other on Thursday night, 9:00 p.m. ET.

The remaining seven second-tier candidates will debate each other at 5:00 p.m. ET.

See the lists after the jump. [Read more...]

Christian leaders are favoring Rubio

World Magazine has surveyed evangelical leaders and insiders on the presidential candidate they are supporting.  The big winner:  Marco Rubio.  Not the overtly evangelical Mike Huckabee.  Not Rand Paul.  And certainly not Donald Trump. [Read more...]

Jim Gilmore becomes the 17th G.O.P. contender

Jim Gillmore is running for the Republican presidential nomination.  You may be forgiven for wondering, “who?”  He is the former governor of Virginia with quite a few accomplishments, detailed after the jump.  He is the Republican’s 17th contender.  Their first debate, featuring the top 10 in the polls, will be next Thursday, August 6.

We have been giving equal time for each candidate.  Can anyone make the case for Jim Gillmore? [Read more...]

Masking interest-group politics with ideological rhetoric

Wall Street Journal columnist Holman W. Jenkins, Jr., discusses how New York City mayor Bill de Blasio tried, unsuccessfully, to block the online taxi service Uber from the Big Apple.  He points out how the Democratic mayor used “progressive” rhetoric–to the point of comparing Uber to the hated Wall Mart–as a cover for old-fashioned interest group politics, namely, advancing the agenda of the current New York City taxi industry, which has strong ties to the Democratic Party establishment.

What interests me especially in that column, excerpted after the jump, is his point about how ideological rhetoric is used to mask interest group politics.  The author says Hillary Clinton is doing this, though I’m sure both sides are guilty of doing so.   Can you think of other examples of this sort of thing? [Read more...]

Women are giving Trump the lead

Donald Trump’s habit of shooting off his mouth and provoking outrage isn’t slowing him down at all.  The public must find his lack of politically-correct inhibition refreshing.  The new Zogby poll shows him leading the Republican pack among likely primary voters.

Overall, he leads 20%, with Jeb Bush coming in at 16%.  He leads among conservatives (18%), moderates (28%), and independents (31%).  But his big support comes from women, 26% of whom support him.

Among men, in contrast, he comes in fourth, with only 12%!  (Bush 21%, Rand Paul 17%, Scott Walker 16%).  And among actual Republicans–who for some reason in many states have opened their primaries to non-Republicans–Trump is second at 16%, with Bush leading at 21%.

The bottom line is that it’s women and Independents who are largely responsible for the Trump phenomenon.   Any theories why women like him so much? [Read more...]

John Kasich joins the GOP race

Ohio Governor John Kasich  threw his hat into the ring, announcing that he is running for president in a speech filled with compassion and God-talk.  He is the 16th Republican candidate.   Can anyone make the case for John Kasich? [Read more...]