Democrats don’t trust the government either

A Pew Research study of people’s attitude towards the government has found that 89% of Republicans seldom trust the government.  But neither do 72% of Democrats.

Back in 1958, a similar study found that three-quarters of Americans did trust their government.  What happened since then, that both liberals and conservatives have become disenchanted with their government?  Has the government changed that much, or have Americans become more savvy about their leaders?  [Read more...]

A majority of Democrats like socialism

Bernie Sanders has made socialism cool again.  56% of Democrats now have a positive impression of socialism.  Among Hillary Clinton supporters, 52% do. [Read more...]

Bernie Sanders explains democratic socialism

Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders gave his much-anticipated speech in which he explained his ideology of “democratic socialism.”  He said that he doesn’t want the state to own the means of production (the classic definition of socialism).  Rather, he wants to emulate Franklin Delano Roosevelt.  Sanders said that virtually all of the New Deal programs we take for granted today–Social Security, the minimum wage, banking regulations, and job programs–were condemned as “socialist.”  Surveying today’s problems, Sanders wants to bring back Roosevelt’s “Second Bill of Rights,” focusing on economic rights.

At the time, when critics accused FDR’s programs and later Democratic initiatives as socialist, the Democratic answer was, “no, they are not!”  Sanders agrees with the conservatives in saying, “yes, they are.”  But at least Sanders embraces the term.

After the jump, read his explanation of democratic socialism.  What do you think of what he says?  If you disagree with his ideology, how would you answer him? [Read more...]

The Democrats’ war on youth

Democrats accuse Republicans of waging a war on women.  Republicans could come back with the charge that Democrats are waging a war on youth.  So argues W. James Antle in the Washington Examiner.  Not only are the Democratic party’s leadership and presidential candidates much older than those of the Republicans, but Democratic policies are proving especially harmful to young people.

For example:  Obamacare forces healthy young adults to buy insurance to subsidize health care for old people.  Democrats resist Social Security reform, jeopardizing young people’s retirement plans.  The burgeoning national debt will have to be paid by today’s children and young adults.  Democrats’ fealty to the teacher unions is preventing educational reform, leaving young people with inferior educations.  Income and job prospects of younger workers have taken a huge hit during the Democratic management of the economy.  Democrats also have a fanatical commitment to the most lethal assault on the young:  abortion. [Read more...]

Bobby Jindal drops out of the race

Bobby Jindal has dropped out of the Republican presidential race.  At least ten others should follow his good example, if there is to be any hope of stopping Donald Trump. [Read more...]

Republican leaders are starting to panic

Republican leaders are in a state of fear that Donald Trump or Ben Carson could be their party’s nominee.  They had assumed that they would fade by now, but they haven’t!  The party leaders believe that if either of those two were nominated, Hillary Clinton would win easily and the Democrats would take back the Senate.  Some, showing loftier principles, are worried that someone totally unfit to be president might get elected, to the detriment of the nation.

To make it worse, the big Republican donors are holding back their money, either not knowing who to give it to or refusing to give to a lost cause.  Some Republicans are even trying to get Mitt Romney to come in as a late entrant to the race, hoping for a brokered convention.

Philip Rucker gives the inside story in the Washington Post in an article that Democrats and anti-establishment conservatives will find unintentionally humorous, though it may send mainline Republicans into despair. [Read more...]