Donald Trump clinches GOP nomination

Donald Trump now has a total of 1,238 delegates, one more than the 1,237 necessary to win the nomination. He will certainly get more, since he is the only candidate still running, and there are still some primaries to go. But he is now the Republican candidate for president.

Now that the Republican race is over, we can take stock.   I’d like to hear from those of you who were Trump supporters from the beginning, party loyalists, grudging he’s-better-than-Hillary voters, and #NeverTrump conservatives.

I’d also like to hear from Democrats, both those of you who support Hillary Clinton and those of you who support Bernie Sanders.

Some think Trump’s nomination means an easy victory for the Democrats.  Others think the Democrats underestimate him–as the other Republican candidates did–at their peril and that Clinton will be no match for him.   Some Republicans say that they are worried about about two potential outcomes:  if Trump loses, and if he wins.

What do you think?
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“I am a nasty man with no heart”

When Russell Moore criticized Donald Trump, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee retaliated, as he always does.  He tweeted that Moore, head of the Southern Baptist Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission, is “A nasty guy with no heart!”

I love Moore’s response on Meet the Press:  “I am a nasty guy with no heart, which is why I need forgiveness of sins and redemption through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.” [Read more…]

Sanders voters for Trump?

Many supporters of Bernie Sanders do not like Hillary Clinton and are vowing that they will never vote for her.  The more affluent of his supporters could always vote with the Green Party, though most will settle for Clinton after all.  But what about the white working class voters who are victims of the current economy and who have been giving Sanders his big wins in industrial rust belt states?

They may well have common cause with Donald Trump, who also does well with this demographic and who advocates some of Sanders’ policies.  Might some of those disaffected blue collar Democrats vote for Trump?  And might that turn some Blue states Red and give Trump the victory?  Charles Krauthammer thinks it’s a possibility. [Read more…]

So what about the Constitution Party?

There is already a conservative third party:  The Constitution Party.  According to their website, they are on the ballot in 18 states, and are at various stages of approval for more.  They have a presidential ticket:  Darrell Castle and Scott Bradley.  I’m not familiar with either of these gentlemen, but they might be better than the offerings of the major parties.

I have heard the party, which used to be called the Taxpayers’ Party,  described as Christian Dominionist, but that could hardly be the case, since Mr. Bradley appears to be a Mormon.  It seems to be paleoconservative, distrusting foreign wars and big corporations and holding to a protectionist use of tariffs.  It is strongly pro-life, with no exceptions. [Read more…]

Confessing the intolerance of progressives

Nicholas Kristof, himself a progressive, castigates the intolerance of his fellow progressives when it comes to conservatives and their ideas.

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