So what about the Constitution Party?

There is already a conservative third party:  The Constitution Party.  According to their website, they are on the ballot in 18 states, and are at various stages of approval for more.  They have a presidential ticket:  Darrell Castle and Scott Bradley.  I’m not familiar with either of these gentlemen, but they might be better than the offerings of the major parties.

I have heard the party, which used to be called the Taxpayers’ Party,  described as Christian Dominionist, but that could hardly be the case, since Mr. Bradley appears to be a Mormon.  It seems to be paleoconservative, distrusting foreign wars and big corporations and holding to a protectionist use of tariffs.  It is strongly pro-life, with no exceptions. [Read more…]

Confessing the intolerance of progressives

Nicholas Kristof, himself a progressive, castigates the intolerance of his fellow progressives when it comes to conservatives and their ideas.

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Top 5 religion and politics stories so far

The Religious News Service, not being able to wait for the New Year, issued a list of the top 5 religious and politics stories so far.  It is very telling.  I post the topics after the jump.  Go to the link for details about each one.

Can you add some more?  I’ll add one. [Read more…]

Voting for Hillary under the Hamilton Rule

Some Never Trump conservatives are saying they will vote for Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump.  Not that they like Clinton.  They are invoking what they call the “Hamilton Rule” from the founder who, in opposing fellow Federalist John Adams, said, “If we must have an enemy at the head of government, let it be one whom we can oppose, and for whom we are not responsible.”

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Similarities & differences between libertarians and conservatives

In the course of an essay on the history and negative consequences of progressivism, Bradley J. Birzer discusses its two main opponents, conservatism and libertarianism.  He gives both what they agree on and what they disagree on.  See what he says after the jump.

Is libertarianism really a major opponent of progressivism, or is it rather, with its dismissal of traditional authorities, a particular manifestation of it?  If conservatism has a communal dimension, as opposed to libertarian individualism, does that put it closer to the corporate emphasis of progressivism?

But here is the big question, highly relevant to the current election:  Given the differences between these three ideologies, does it make sense for a conservative to vote libertarian against a progressive presidential candidate?  Or is the gulf between conservative and libertarian too wide for that?   [Read more…]

The “Open Letter” on Trump from Ben Sasse

Ben Sasse–Lutheran, Senator from Nebraska, someone I know–has become the catalyst for and the leader of the “Never Trump” movement among conservatives.  In case you haven’t read his “Open Letter” on the subject that he posted on Facebook, I excerpt and link to it after the jump. [Read more…]