Post-mortem for the final debate

So what’s to say about the final debate?  Who won?  What are the take-aways?  I’ll give my view after the jump. [Read more…]

Liveblogging the final debate

This is the last presidential debate, for which we can all be thankful.  I’ll give my commentary as it unfolds in the “comments.”  Please do the same.  I’d love to hear what you are thinking.  Just hit “comments.”

Let the debate begin.

Final presidential debate tonight

Tonight Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton face off in the last debate before the election.  Since the last debate things have gotten even sleazier and the charges on both sides have gotten even wilder.  So there should be plenty of fireworks.

Any projections or predictions?

Let’s liveblog the debate tonight.  Fire up your computer at 9:00 pm ET and we’ll meet at this blog.  I’ll provide my own color commentary, but I also invite you to join in. [Read more…]

Why America will survive a bad election

Ma ny  Americans icans are worried that our constitutional republic won’t survive a Hillary Clinton presidency.  Other Americans worry that it won’t survive Donald Trump.  Still others worry that we are doomed whoever wins.

But David French points out that our Founders put together a constitutional system with so many checks and balances, so many legal limits, and so many opportunities to fix things that our nation can survive a bad election, just as it has already survived much worse.  Not that America couldn’t lose its liberties.  But it would take a long and arduous process to do so and would require the full complicity of the American people.  “Our ship is resilient,” he says. “It would take more than one iceberg to sink.” [Read more…]

What about the Christian left?

A listener whose religious beliefs make him a political progressive asked NPR’s Danielle Kurtzleben why we always hear about the Christian right, but seldom hear about the Christian left.  Read her answer, after the jump, and then consider the points I make. [Read more…]

A rigged election?

Donald Trump is re-emphasizing his claim that if he doesn’t get elected, that’s because the election is rigged.  Now 41% of voters are saying that this could happen.  Critics are saying that casting those kinds of doubts undermines the social compact that gives Democracy its legitimacy.

Most people seem to believe that the “establishment” will steal the election from Trump.  But what if Trump’s Russian friends hack into the computerized voting machines and rig the election in his favor? [Read more…]