“Make America Great Again”: The Hymn

For the background of this song, see this:  Church Choir Debuts ‘Make America Great Again’ Hymn.  It is performed by the choir of the First Baptist Church of Dallas, the same congregation that held the patriotic service we blogged about.  This venue is not the church but a 4th of July celebration at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C.

There are several songs with this title online, but this one is by Gary Moore, former music director of First Baptist.  Read the lyrics.

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The Democrats’ dilemma

6262125702_a086dd49f1_zThe Democrats should, theoretically, have a big opportunity running against an unpopular Republican president.  But they so far are not getting much traction.

One problem, according to experts both within and outside the party, is that the Democrats have placed their hopes in identity politics.  But catering to specific groups–blacks, Hispanics, women, gays, etc.–puts off the general public.  And just about everybody is put off by the antics of the liberal fundamentalists with their policing of political correctness and their sensitivity shaming.

Leading Democrats are calling for a return to Bill Clinton’s formula:  “It’s the economy, stupid!”

But some of Donald Trump’s highest ratings are for his handling of the economy!  Also, as Michael Barone’s trenchant analysis shows (after the jump), it isn’t clear what a winning Democratic economic policy would consist of.
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Leftist fundamentalism


David Gushee is a religion journalist, on the liberal side of things, who has long criticized “fundamentalists.”  That’s mainly a derogatory term for religious conservatives, with additional connotations of legalism, narrow-mindedness, and extremism.  It’s usually not a fair term to use, though it originally simply meant adherence to certain “fundamental” Christian doctrines and is a name embraced by a certain faction of Baptists.  It is also used for other religions, as in “Muslim fundamentalists.”

But now Mr. Gushee is worried about “left-wing fundamentalism,” a kind of rigidly doctrinaire progressivism that is also legalistic, narrow-minded, and extremist.

He discusses the ball park Congressional shooting, the gay pride event that kicked out gay jews, the celebrities fantasizing about killing the president, the behavior of leftwing social media, and the totalitarian thought-police on college campuses.  Then he says why this leftist fundamentalism is so harmful.  For one thing, it hurts the image of Democrats!  See his other reasons after the jump.

I would just add that the hard-left always polices people’s words and thoughts, to the point of violence and suppression.  Just look at the record of left-wing regimes–see the Soviet Union, China, Cuba, East Germany, the other Iron Curtain governments.   Such tactics follow logically from Marxist and post-Marxist ideology and should be expected in people who hold to those beliefs.  A true believer will consider freedom, human rights, individualism, and the rule of law to be bourgeois values that the revolution must suppress.

But it’s a healthy development in the language that the word “fundamentalism” can now be applied to the left. [Read more…]

CNN producer caught admitting its Trump coverage is bogus


James O’Keefe of Project Veritas has been embarrassing the left with his surreptitious videos.  Now he has recorded CNN supervising producer John Bonifield ridiculing journalistic ethics and admitting that they are “witch hunting” Trump.

After the jump, read an account and watch the video.

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Election billed as referendum on Trump goes for the Republican


When Georgia congressman Tom Price was named Secretary of Health and Human Services, that opened up a congressional seat and called for a special election.

Democrats thought that the suburban Atlanta district, which went for Trump by a tiny margin, was winnable.  They found an attractive candidate, Jon Ossoff, to run against the Republican Karen Handel and, with the help of out-of-state groups, poured $22 million into supporting him.  Handel spent $14 million, making this the most expensive congressional race in history.

Democrats sought to turn the election into a referendum on Donald Trump and a herald of next year’s midterm elections.

Pollsters saw a close race.  But when it was over, it wasn’t close at all.   The Republican Handel won by 5 percentage points.

If this was a referendum on Trump, the voters are still supporting him.  And if this is a foretaste of the midterm elections, Trump may be in better shape than his poll numbers suggest. [Read more…]

Special rights for eccentricity


More from iconoclast Camille Paglia.  In this interview, she discusses transgenderism–its conflict with feminism, how La Leche League now says men can nurse their babies, how liberals oppose science when it comes to gender, and how “sex changes are impossible.” [Read more…]