What we learn from John Podesta’s emails

The emails regarding Hillary Clinton being released by Wikileaks are not from her illegal secret server that she used as Secretary of State.  Rather, they are hacks of the emails of John Podesta, her campaign chairman and longtime henchman.

In them, Podesta and scores of campaign operatives and other correspondents discuss things like the inner workings of the Clinton Foundation, how to co-opt Bernie Sanders and his supporters, collusion with journalists, and other topics embarrassing to Mrs. Clinton and other Democrats.

After the jump is an account of a remarkable exchange in which Podesta writes about subverting Catholicism so as to make it accord with the Progressive cause. [Read more…]

Wayne Grudem takes back his endorsement of Trump

Wayne Grudem is a prominent and influential evangelical theologian.  As we blogged about, he surprised quite a few people when he endorsed Donald Trump.  But now, in light of that tape of Trump’s sex talk and of the things he said as a regular guest on the Howard Stern show (including sexual talk about his own daughter), Grudem has taken back his endorsement.

But read Grudem’s entire statement after the jump.  He said that Hillary Clinton is “no better” and says that he will definitely not vote for her.  He argues that Christians should not simply refuse to vote.  He says that he does not know what he will do come election day.

One issue he raises is the “witness” of Christians, if they support someone so blatantly lecherous.  That makes it look as if Christians care only for power.  He fears that Christians won’t be taken seriously if they gloss over gross moral failings in the candidates they support.

What do you think of what he says? [Read more…]

Planned Parenthood’s political army

Planned Parenthood has launched a massive political initiative designed to elect politicans who are pro-abortion, will support its abortion business, and will preserve its half a billion dollars in taxpayer funding.  Plans include a super PAC, 800 paid staffers (more than Hillary Clinton has), and 3,500 paid volunteers who will be knocking on doors.

Students for Life president Kristan Hawkins tells all about it, beginning after the jump. [Read more…]

“You need both a public and a private position”

Some of Hillary Clinton’s hacked e-mails released by Wikileaks include transcripts of paid speeches she gave to big corporations.  What she says in those confidential closed-door speeches–for example, calling for open borders and more free trade, saying the banks aren’t really responsible for the 2009 financial collapse–is often at odds with what she says in her presidential campaign.

Remarkably, one speech quite frankly explains the discrepancy.  She says, “you need both a public and a private position.”  One for public consumption and the other for what you really believe.  So she is admitting that what she tells voters is not what she is actually going to do!

At every debate, every interview, every campaign speech, every time she opens her mouth, someone should ask her, “Is that your public or your private position?”

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What to say about the debate?

It’s being called “the ugliest debate in American history.”  And I missed it! Due to one thing and another, I ended up missing this historical event.

So how was it?  How effectively did Donald Trump deal with that videotape?  How effectively did HIllary Clinton deal with Trump’s videotape and her own leaked e-mails?  What impact do you think this debate will have on the race?

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Pence in 2020?

The strong performance of Mike Pence in the Vice-presidential debate makes him a leading candidate for the 2020 presidential election, should Donald Trump not get elected.  At least this is what many Republicans are saying.  (I would add that being Vice-president, far from being a meaningless job, often leads to the presidency, so that in case Trump does elected and runs again, Pence would be in a strong position for 2024.)

Did the 17 or so Republican candidates this year come out of their primary failures as damaged goods?  Or would some of them make viable candidates in 2020?  Do you like Pence for that election?  Who else is waiting in the wings and would make a good candidate?

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