New rhetorical strategies for the anti-gun crowd

Opponents of the Second Amendment, inspired by other rapid changes of public opinion, are formulating new ways of framing their arguments against the ownership of firearms:

  • Make gun ownership a public health issue, as with tobacco and drunk driving
  • Make gun ownership morally problematic, as with the Confederate flag
  • Adopt the language of  “liberty,” as in civil liberty, and “rights,” as in gay rights.  Freedom from guns.  The right not to bear arms.

See a columnist making all of these suggestions after the jump. [Read more...]

Bobby Jindal joins the presidential race

Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal has declared his candidacy for the Republican presidential nomination.  He makes lucky 13.  Gov. Jindal is counting on his braininess and appeal conservative Christians to make him a contender.  I’m not sure either of those qualities will go very far this election.  Still, he has many good qualities.

What do you think of his candidacy?  How do you think he would be as president (which is a separate question from “does he have a chance?”)? [Read more...]

Liberals vs. Leftists on political correctness

Both liberals and leftists share the goal of social and economic equality and other progressive ideals.  But liberals believe those can be attained in terms of the Enlightenment ideals of liberty, human rights, and democracy.  On the other hand, Leftists (think Soviet Union, Maoists, other Communists, etc.) believe that liberty, human rights, and democracy must be restricted in order to attain those goals.

That’s one takeaway from a fascinating study of “political correctness” by William Voegeli in The Claremont Review of Books, who begins by discussing an article on “How the Language Police Are Perverting Liberalism.”

Notice how those who want to punish opponents of gay marriage, restrict religious liberty, not allow certain opinions to be argued, and in other ways emulating the tactics of the Soviet Union, are leftists.  Which covers quite a few people today who present themselves as liberals.

Read Voegeli’s article excerpted and linked after the jump.

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Now Donald Trump is running for president

Now Donald Trump has announced that he too is running for the Republican presidential nomination.  That makes 12 candidates so far.

Question:  Would any of you vote for him over the other contenders? If so, I’d like to hear from you.

UPDATE:   He has announced who he wants for his Vice Presidential running mate:  Oprah Winfrey. [Read more...]

Jeb Bush formally joins the race

Jeb Bush made it official yesterday, becoming the 11th candidate for the Republican nomination for the presidency.  Is there any way, rightly or wrongly, that the Republicans would nominate or the public would elect a third  president named Bush? [Read more...]

House Democrats defy Obama on trade deal

Democrats in the House of Representatives gave President Obama a stunning defeat, voting against his free trade deal with Asia despite his personal pleas.  The president’s only reliable allies, ironically, are the Republicans, who promise to find a new way to advance legislation that fast-tracks the Trans-Pacific Partnership. [Read more...]