Debate post mortem

So, in the aftermath of the first Republican presidential primary debates, what do you think?  Questions for discussion and contemplation after the jump. [Read more...]

Help me live blog the Republican debate

Let’s live blog the Republican presidential primary debate tonight, beginning at 9:00 p.m. ET.  Tune in, with your laptop ready.  Come to this post and set the comments to “sort by oldest,” so that we can have a running commentary.  I’ll be commenting on the unfolding spectacle, and you comment too.  Your remarks can be humorous, observational, insightful, adversarial, judgmental, or whatever.  We can also hit “reply” to each other, setting up discussions about what we are witnessing.

If you don’t want to make comments, come here anyway, refreshing your computer as you watch, so that you can add to the enjoyment (?) of the debate the perhaps greater enjoyment of reading the commentary on the debate as it unfolds.

I will need your help, though.  I will be working under some technical difficulties.  Namely, I am at a place where I don’t have a television.  I think I can watch the debate online, but my internet connection is kind of iffy, so I might not be up to the challenge of switching back and forth from the debate to my blog.  So, though I hope to participate, I’ll be depending on you.

So, I’ll meet you here tonight.

. . .and the second tier debate

I’d also like us to live blog the 5:00 p.m. debate featuring the seven candidates that didn’t make the top ten.  But I doubt that I will be back from work on time, and the same will be true for most viewers.  This adds injury to insult.

The Fox network scheme of breaking the debates into two tiers, the prime time show for the top 10 most popular candidates according to an average of polls, and a non-prime time show for the remaining 7 candidates is just not fair.  Let me tell you why after the jump. [Read more...]

Who made the GOP debate roster

Fox News, which is conducting the first Republican presidential primary debate, has crunched the poll numbers to arrive at the top 10 candidates.  These will debate each other on Thursday night, 9:00 p.m. ET.

The remaining seven second-tier candidates will debate each other at 5:00 p.m. ET.

See the lists after the jump. [Read more...]

Christian leaders are favoring Rubio

World Magazine has surveyed evangelical leaders and insiders on the presidential candidate they are supporting.  The big winner:  Marco Rubio.  Not the overtly evangelical Mike Huckabee.  Not Rand Paul.  And certainly not Donald Trump. [Read more...]

Jim Gilmore becomes the 17th G.O.P. contender

Jim Gillmore is running for the Republican presidential nomination.  You may be forgiven for wondering, “who?”  He is the former governor of Virginia with quite a few accomplishments, detailed after the jump.  He is the Republican’s 17th contender.  Their first debate, featuring the top 10 in the polls, will be next Thursday, August 6.

We have been giving equal time for each candidate.  Can anyone make the case for Jim Gillmore? [Read more...]