Donald Trump gave a stemwinder of a speech in accepting the Republican presidential nomination.  Promising to make us safe, add millions of jobs, defeat terrorism, fix our economy, solve poverty, and relieve all of our grievances, Trump said “I alone can fix it.”  He repeated, “I am the law and order candidate.”  “I am going to make our country rich again.”  He said, in all-caps in the text of his speech, “I AM YOUR VOICE.”

Did you hear the speech?  You can read it after the jump.  What do you think about his speech?  What does it tell us about this candidate and the kind of president he would make? [Read more…]

Ted Cruz speaks at convention, but refuses to endorse Trump

Ted Cruz, who came in second to Donald Trump, was given a speaking slot at the convention, in the name of party unity.  Cruz gave a speech, but he did not endorse Trump.  

Cruz told his listeners to “vote your conscience.”  The crowd booed him loudly.  Another convention stage-managing fail.  And a major fail in achieving party unity. [Read more…]

Trump is now the Republican nominee

The roll call of states has been concluded, and Donald Trump is now officially the Republican presidential nominee.  Discuss. [Read more…]

Mrs. Trump lifts from Mrs. Obama’s speech

In her speech before the Republican National Convention, Melania Trump lifted, without attribution, passages from Michelle Obama’s speech to the Democratic National Convention in 2008!

Compare what was said after the jump.  (I don’t blame Mrs. Trump.  I blame whoever wrote her speech.  This is another yet blot on Trump’s campaign staff.) [Read more…]

Missing the smoke-filled room

Delegates opposing Donald Trump disrupted the choreography at the Republican national convention.  They booed, yelled (“shame!”  “roll call vote!”), and walked out after their petition to have the convention vote on freeing the delegates was gaveled down without a roll call vote.

In other news, Donald Trump defied the tradition that the candidate only appears on the last night to receive the nomination, showing up to introduce his wife Melania, who was the main speaker of the night.

After the jump, Jonah Goldberg argues that picking a candidate at an open convention, with pols negotiating in smoke-filled rooms, is a superior way of fielding a strong candidate, as opposed to all of the primary mini-elections, in which even non-party members can often have a say. [Read more…]

The Republican National Convention starts today

The 2016 Republican Convention starts today in Cleveland, Ohio.  It may be a strange one.  Most A-list political speakers are not coming, but we will be getting lots of athletes whom presidential nominee Donald Trump hails as “winners.”  A big number of the delegates who will be voting for Trump nevertheless do not care for him, which might mean the traditional spontaneous demonstrations will lack their normal enthusiasm.  There are worries about protests and violence outside the hall and what NeverTrump delegates inside the hall might do, though the insurgent delegates seem pretty much defeated.  And no one knows what the candidate himself might do or say.  Republican leadership, though, is working hard to put on a good show.

No, I won’t be liveblogging the convention, or even watching much of it, contrary to my usual practice, since I’m on the road this week.  Feel free to comment upon it here. [Read more…]