Your last chance to make your case

Tomorrow is the election.  Soon it will all be over.  It looks like it is going to be closer than anyone expected, so every vote will be important.  Use this space to make your case for the candidate you are supporting.  Also for voting for a third party or an independent candidate.  Also for not voting if you disapprove of all of the choices.

So what are you going to do, and what do you think your fellow citizens should do?

Liberalism of the left & liberalism of the right

The well-regarded ethicist Stanley Hauerwas reviews a new book by John Milibank, of “radical orthodoxy” fame.  Entitled The Politics of Virtue, Milibank argues that both today’s liberals and conservatives are essentially liberals.  Both sides are fixated on “freedom,” whether sexual freedom or economic freedom, to the exclusion of other things needed for a good society (such as virtue).  Milibanks goes on to argue for a “post-liberalism.”

Read Hauerwas’s discussion and interaction with the ideas after the jump. [Read more…]

FBI investigating Trump & Russia

In addition to investigating Hillary Clinton’s illegal e-mail arrangements, the FBI has been investigating possible ties between Donald Trump and his campaign with Russia.  At issue are the hacked Democratic communications that have been traced to Russia, financial connections between former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort and Russia, Russia as the source of the Wikileak e-mails, and an apparent connection between Trump’s computer server and a Russian server.

But the FBI has found nothing.  Democrats, though, reeling from the FBI investigations of Clinton, are insisting that the bureau make public what they have on the Russian connection.

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CNN caught feeding debate questions to Clinton

Donna Brazile is a Democratic operative who landed a gig as a commentator at CNN.  The Wikileak trove of Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta’s e-mails includes Brazile giving him a question that would be asked in the CNN-hosted Town Hall debate.

Earlier Wikileaks seemed to indicate that she was leaking questions in earlier debates, but Brazile and CNN both strongly denied it.  But there is no question about what this e-mail says.

So CNN and Brazile have severed ties. [Read more…]

Blaming the messenger

Many politicians, journalists, lawyers, and pundits are just outraged that FBI director James Comey has re-opened the Clinton investigation, based on new e-mails found on disgraced ex-Congressman Anthony Weiner’s computer.  He is trying to influence the election!  He is just playing politics!  He already made his decision not to prosecute so he shouldn’t change his mind!

But defense attorney Page Pate points out that no one should blame Comey.  He didn’t cover up the e-mails that have now turned up.  Clinton staffers, including Huma Abedin, whose correspondence was discovered on her husband’s computer, were asked if they had copies of other e-mails sent from Mrs. Clinton’s illegal server, but they denied it.

Read Pate’s defense of Comey after the jump.

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FBI re-opens investigation of Clinton

While investigating charges that former Congressman Anthony Weiner sent obscene pictures of himself to an underaged girl, the FBI found on his computer e-mails that Hillary Clinton had written to his wife, top aide Huma Abedin.

Those e-mails contained something that has caused FBI Director James Comey to re-open the investigation into Clinton’s illegal e-mail arrangement.  Watergate reporter Carl Bernstein thinks whatever they found must be a bombshell. [Read more…]