Keeping our promises

First Things editor Alexi Sargeant says that “Trump’s policies, such as they are, usually come down to America breaking its promises.”  Read the argument after the jump and say what you think of it.
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Debate post-mortem

Well, what did you think of the first presidential debate?  Who won, and in what sense?  How did the two candidates come across?  Did it change your mind about anything?

Liveblog the debate right here

Use the comments at this post to react to this first presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.  I will be doing so, assuming my plane gets in on time.

UPDATE:  I made it, with 7 minutes to spare!  I don’t like either candidate, so I can be objective.  Or maybe biased against both of them.  Maybe that amounts to the same thing.  Let’s go. . .

Tonight’s great debate

Tonight at 9:00 ET, presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will debate each other.  The event will be televised on all major networks.

Right now, the race is pretty much even.  This will be the first time voters will get to see both of the candidates side by side and assess how they measure up.  For all of the policy talk, voters will be especially interested in the intangibles:  Will HIllary manage to come off as likeable?  Will Donald come across as presidential?  What outrageous things will be said and what will be their effect?  An unusually large television audience is projected for the debate.

I’ve been on the road last week, but my plane should get in on time to let me liveblog the debate.  If I’m not here yet, go on without me,  Watch the debate with your laptop on your lap.  I’ll have a post up (different from this one).  Write your reactions, analysis, and witticisms as comments.  I’ll join in when and if I can. [Read more…]

Media election coverage

After the Republican convention, the media was giving Trump lots of unfavorable coverage.  But once Hillary Clinton racked up a seemingly safe lead in the polls, reporters started giving her a hard time.  To the point that after Matt Lauer’s interview of the two candidates, Democrats complained about media bias!  (Welcome to the Republicans’ world!)  Now that Trump has caught up in the polls, though, journalists are attacking him again.

Prediction:  Watch for stories now about Clinton’s good qualities.

The left is “weaponizing” sports

In our polarized society, there are few safe topics when you strike up a conversation with someone you don’t know.  Politics is likely to provoke an argument instead of small talk; music and TV are now targeted to narrow niches; and religion makes people feel uncomfortable.  But there is always sports!  You can talk about how the local or nearby team is doing, and liberals and conservatives and evangelicals and nones are on the same page.  Even sports rivalries are generally good natured, and trash talk is usually good-humored.

But now, sports as a common, unifying social space is being politicized.  Singing the national anthem at the beginning of each game–which unites both teams and all fans under a common flag–has become an occasion for political controversy, what with Colin Kaepernick protesting America by refusing to take part, a protest spreading throughout the NFL and that will be taken up in the NBA.

The NCAA has moved seven championship events from North Carolina because of that state’s law requiring that public restrooms be segregated according to biological sex.  Such activism should surprise no one, since the NCAA is a creation of the same university administrators who have turned campuses into leftwing propaganda spaces.   College sports are their way to build enthusiastic support for their schools while distracting fans from what is happening in the classrooms and in the residence halls.  But once campus radicalism moves out of the classrooms onto the playing fields, as is starting to happen, the taxpayers who support public universities might start asking questions.

David French, excerpted and linked after the jump, discusses these issues, saying that “progressives are weaponizing sports.”

But we can still talk about the weather.  As long as the conversation steers clear of climate change. [Read more…]