Freedom reconsidered

Now that the truths that were foundational to the American republic–that there is a Creator who is the basis for human equality and rights that transcend the state–are no longer self-evident, we are starting to see a rethinking of everything America used to stand for.  For example, Princeton professor Philip Pettit, in a book entitled Just Freedom, argues that we need to do away with the “libertarian” notion of individual freedom.  Instead, we should pursue “democratic freedom,” based on the liberty of groups not to be dominated by another group.

Liberal think-tanker Danielle Allen explains, after the jump. [Read more...]

Conservative victory in Great Britain

Despite the polls, despite the media, and despite the pundits that were already analyzing Great Britain’s political shift leftward, the Conservative Party won a decisive victory in the national elections on Friday.   With the Tories winning a definite majority of the seats in Parliament–against all expectations, with no need of a coalition government–David Cameron will stay as Prime Minister.  One reason:  Scotland, usually a dependable Labour redoubt, voted overwhelmingly for the pro-Independence Scottish National party. [Read more...]

Corporate America’s alliance with cultural left

Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal says that corporate America is foolish to ally with leftists in opposing religious liberty in the name of gay marriage:

Referring to the recent events surrounding Indiana’s Religious Liberty Restoration Act, Jindal said corporate America teamed up with the radical left “to come after our religious liberty rights.” Jindal warned, “Corporate America needs to be careful because the same radical left that doesn’t want us to have religious liberty rights does not want us to have economic liberty rights. The same radical left that doesn’t want us to have religious liberty rights wants to tax and regulate these companies out of existence. They think profit is a dirty word.”

More from Jindal’s speech after the jump.  So why do you think the big corporations have joined  the pro-gay cause?

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Mike Huckabee is running for President

Now former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee has announced that he too is running for president.  The former Baptist minister has impeccable credentials for social conservatives, though financial conservatives will never forgive him for once raising taxes.  But what sets Huckabee apart from the crowd is that he is also a populist, championing the cause of working-class Americans.

He had perhaps the best line of the last presidential primary election, saying that he reminds people of the guy they work with, whereas Mitt Romney reminds them of the guy who lays them off.  Political reporter Chris Cillizza says, after the jump, that Republicans should be glad Huckabee is in the race because he is one of the few candidates who can credibly reach blue collar voters.

Would he be a good president?  Does he have a chance? [Read more...]

Carly Fiorina is running for president

Carly Fiorina, the former CEO of Hewlitt-Packard, announced that she is running for president.  The pro-life businesswoman says that she can counter the appeal of Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton.

Do you think she would be good?  Should someone holding the office of President of the United States have prior political experience?  How about Carly Fiorina for Vice-President? [Read more...]

Ben Carson is running for president

Ben Carson will announce today that he is running for president.  One of the country’s leading neurosurgeons, Dr. Carson is an African-American conservative known for his fiery rhetoric and his Christian faith.

I actually met him.  He is impressive in many ways and has a compelling personal story.  Do you think he has a chance?  What impact might he have on the Republican party? [Read more...]