An electoral vote campaign vs. a popular vote campaign

That Hillary Clinton did win the popular vote should be of concern to Republicans, Democrats having won six of the last seven presidential elections with a plurality of the votes cast.

But, as David French points out, we really can’t say who would have won the popular vote if the popular vote settled the elections.  In this as in all other presidential elections, the goal of each side was to win states.  If the goal were to win the popular vote, both campaigns would have been run completely differently.

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No one won a majority of votes

Democrats are claiming a moral victory–and sometimes an actual rightful victory–by saying that Hillary Clinton won the majority of the popular vote.  Actually, no one won a majority.

She won a plurality, but not a majority.  Clinton had 47.7%.  Donald Trump had 47.5%.

Some 5 million Americans voted for neither candidate.

The turnout was about 57%.  So barely a majority of Americans so much as voted.

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Unhinged over-reactions to the election

My daughter told me about someone coming up to her after Donald Trump’s election as if to comfort her, saying how she would be “safe” here in Australia.

It’s a common theme I’m seeing on TV interviews, social media, and in the liberal press:  “I am so frightened.”  Columns on how to calm your children’s fears of Donald Trump.  Videos of Clinton supporters weeping and pouting.  “It’s worse than 9/11!”   [Read more…]

The journalistic sin of smugness

Will Rahn, the Washington editor of the Daily Beast, no less (known both for its liberalism and its snarkiness), has written a mea culpa on journalists’ failure to understand the Trump phenomenon, a confession remarkable for its self-knowledge and its moral diagnosis. [Read more…]

A civil libertarian analyzes the election

Thanks to long-time reader Todd for linking me to the “Best article I’ve read on the election so far.”  It’s indeed an outstanding analysis, connecting the Trump election to England’s Brexit vote as a long-overdue reaction of ordinary people to the clueless, corrupt, and condescending rule of a political elite, as embodied in Hillary Clinton.

The article, excerpted and linked after the jump, is worth reading in its entirety just for that analysis.  But what further interests me is that it is written by independent journalist and civil libertarian Glenn Greenwald.  He is a conduit for Julius Assange and Wikileaks, which proved so damaging to the Clinton campaign.

What is the connection, do you think, between the Wikileaks ideology of undermining the establishment by exposing its secrets and that of Donald Trump?  Wikileaks publishes hacked documents in the name of civil liberty.  Is the Trump movement an expression of civil liberties? [Read more…]

Whither Republicans? Whither Democrats?

Last Summer, liberal pundits were looking forward to “the end of the Republican party.”  That Republicans were doomed, due to the inexplicable nomination of Donald Trump and his inevitable defeat, was the expectation even of many Republicans up until election day.

But the day after the election, everything had reversed.  The Republicans have the presidency, the House, the Senate, and a Supreme Court pick.  Also 33 governors (picking up three yesterday) and 67 state legislatures.

Now it’s the Democrats that are “in crisis.”

Now I do think both parties have some soul-searching to do.  Some thoughts after the jump. [Read more…]