Now Donald Trump is running for president

Now Donald Trump has announced that he too is running for the Republican presidential nomination.  That makes 12 candidates so far.

Question:  Would any of you vote for him over the other contenders? If so, I’d like to hear from you.

UPDATE:   He has announced who he wants for his Vice Presidential running mate:  Oprah Winfrey. [Read more…]

Jeb Bush formally joins the race

Jeb Bush made it official yesterday, becoming the 11th candidate for the Republican nomination for the presidency.  Is there any way, rightly or wrongly, that the Republicans would nominate or the public would elect a third  president named Bush? [Read more…]

House Democrats defy Obama on trade deal

Democrats in the House of Representatives gave President Obama a stunning defeat, voting against his free trade deal with Asia despite his personal pleas.  The president’s only reliable allies, ironically, are the Republicans, who promise to find a new way to advance legislation that fast-tracks the Trans-Pacific Partnership. [Read more…]

New York Times exposes Marco Rubio

The New York Times has published a series of articles (linked at the source, after the jump) uncovering scandalous details about Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio:  He has had 4 traffic tickets over 17 years!  He has a boat!  He has oversized windows in his house!  He has a nice car–OK, he just leases it, but still!  How could anyone vote for a man like that?

This kind of stretching shows that liberals are indeed afraid of Rubio.  It also shows the extreme-to-the-point-of-comical political bias of the New York Times.  Satirist Jon Stewart tends to be on the liberal side, but this coverage is so outlandish that it makes the Times a juicy target.  See the clip of what he does to the nation’s so-called paper of record, as well as an article about it, after the jump. [Read more…]

Why Marco Rubio worries Democrats

Democratic politicos are reportedly worried about a Rubio-Clinton matchup.  See why after the jump.
[Read more…]

Perry & Chafee run for president

Former Texas governor Rick Perry announced that he is running, again, for the Republican presidential nomination.  His cause?  Fixing the American economy by emulating Texas.

Meanwhile, former Rhode Island governor Lincoln Chafee announced that he is running for the Democratic presidential nomination.  His cause?  Adopt the metric system.

I’d like to hear from supporters of either of these gentlemen, explaining why he would make a better candidate and a better president than his primary rivals. [Read more…]