The Candomblé religion

The Washington Post has an interesting article about Candomblé, the Afro-Brazilian animistic religion.  Read about it after the jump.  I predict that this religion will come to this country, not just among immigrants but also among the white middle class.  Candomblé has a lot of what people want in religion–ecstatic experience, get-your-way health & prosperity promises–without too many moral demands.

One reason I think this religion could catch on here is the way this news story is so sympathetic to this primitive religion and so antagonistic to its Christian critics (who are also facing legal jeopardy from the Brazilian government for their “intolerance”). [Read more...]

How (Not) to be Secular

I was one of the many judges of the  Christianity Today Book Awards, charged with picking the top two books on Christianity & culture.  I was glad to see that my top two were the magazine’s top two.  I thought I would post my reviews.  The winner was James K. A. Smith’s  How (Not) to Be Secular: Reading Charles Taylor.  Read what I had to say about it after the jump. [Read more...]

Is Christianity morally equivalent to radical Islam?

At the National Prayer Breakfast, President Obama asserted the moral equivalence of Christianity and radical Islam.  Read what he said after the jump and consider:  Though Christianity too has violence in its history, what is wrong with what he says? [Read more...]

Iceland builds temple to the Norse gods

In the once firmly Lutheran nation of Iceland, some residents are erecting a temple to the Norse gods. [Read more...]

The myth that Christ is a myth

The arguments are going around that Jesus Christ was little more than a mash-up of ancient mythical figures.  It is true that, as C. S. Lewis has said, that myths–such as those about death and resurrection–often do find their fulfillment in Christianity, in which, in Lewis’s words, “myth became fact.”

But that isn’t what these folks are arguing; rather, they show that they understand paganism no better than they understand Christianity.  Their assertions are just flat-out wrong when it comes to the most basic facts about the myths. [Read more...]

How a French atheist became a Christian

Guillaume Bignon