Liberalism’s obsession with language


Camille Paglia is a feminist, a leftist, a lesbian, an atheist. . . .And yet she is a harsh critic of today’s feminists, leftists, gays, and atheists.

A new interview with her in the Weekly Standard offers some fascinating takes on Donald Trump (whom she defends), Democrats (whom she criticizes), Transgenderism (which she says is impossible), and Islamic terrorism (which she accuses liberals of whitewashing).

After the jump, a sample, giving her response to a question about why liberals are so squeamish about criticizing Islam.  This gets into a further discussion about political correctness and what happened to the left.  “Today’s liberalism,” she says, is “all about reducing individuals to a group identity” and “defining that identity in victim terms.” [Read more…]

Terrorists attack UK once again


Three terrorists ran their van into a crowd on London Bridge, then jumped out with 12-inch knives and started stabbing people, shouting “This is for Allah!”   They killed seven and injured nearly 50 before the terrorists were killed by police.

This is the third terrorist attack on Great Britain in three months.  Prime Minister Theresa May blamed the “evil ideology of Islamist extremism” and said, there is “far too much tolerance for extremism in our country.”  She also commented, “things need to change.”  Some observers hope this tough talk from the government may herald a turning point in combatting terrorism. [Read more…]

Terrorism hits a concert


An explosion killed at least 19 and injured 50 at a concert by American pop star Ariana Grande in Manchester, England.

Police are treating it as an act of terrorism.  They suspect a suicide bomber.

There are so many places where large numbers of people gather–concerts, sporting events, shopping centers, churches–and are thus good targets for terrorists.  May God preserve us and thwart the evil counsels!

UPDATE:  Isis claims responsibility.  Police say the perpetrator died in the blast, but they have arrested another individual in connection with the attack.  The death toll has risen to 22, mostly teenagers and children.  (Ariana Grande got her start on Nickelodeon.)

UPDATE:  The suicide bomber has been identified as 23-year-old Salman Abedi.  The concert had security, but the terrorist evaded it by setting himself off just outside the entrance to the concert.

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Trump’s Islam speech takes religion seriously

Trump's trip

President Trump gave a speech on Islam to 55 Muslim leaders on his trip to Saudi Arabia.  And I think he handled this difficult assignment quite well.

He actually treated Islam like a religion.  He addressed his audience in religious terms that Muslims would understand.

Instead of condescending platitudes informing Muslims that their religion is actually a religion of peace, he talked about God’s judgment.

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Terrorist attacks UK parliament

640px-Houses.of.parliament.overall.arpA terrorist drove through a crowd of pedestrians on London’s Westminster bridge, killing 2 and injuring 20.  He then ran into the Parliament building where he stabbed a police officer to death.  He was then shot and died in the hospital.

Prime Minister Theresa May was just 40 yards from the attacker.

The attack came one year after the terrorist attack on Brussels.

UPDATE:  The death toll has risen to 5.  The terrorists was driving at an estimated 70 m.p.h.  Authorities confirm that the motive was Islamic terrorism.  See this for more details, including information about the police officer who was killed.

UPDATE:  The death toll has been revised back down to 4, including the terrorist.  The injured now are numbered at 29, including an American in critical condition.  The terrorist was driving on a sidewalk.  He had been investigated earlier for terrorist ties.  Authorities have arrested seven (some sources say eight) additional suspects implicated in the attacks, which are being described as “ISIS-inspired.”  See this for updated details.

UPDATE:  Now the death toll is 5, after a hospitalized victim died.  The number of injured is now given a 50.  The terrorist was a Muslim convert.

Photo of UK Parliament buildings by Adrian Pingstone (talk · contribs) – Self-photographed, Public Domain,

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Terrorist attacks Christmas marketplace 

31164469396_d017be2f5a_mA truck plowed through the crowded Christmas marketplace in Berlin, killing 12 and injuring 52.  Some German officials are saying the country is in a “state of war.”  ISIS claims responsibility.  Details after the jump.

UPDATE:  The killer, who had sworn allegiance to ISIS, was shot to death by an Italian police officer.

In other terrorist news, A security guard assassinated the Russian ambassador to Turkey.  The murderer, whose crime was caught on video, shouted jihadist slogans condemning Russia’s involvement in Syria and the killing of civilians in Aleppo.

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