Terrorist attacks Christmas marketplace 

31164469396_d017be2f5a_mA truck plowed through the crowded Christmas marketplace in Berlin, killing 12 and injuring 52.  Some German officials are saying the country is in a “state of war.”  ISIS claims responsibility.  Details after the jump.

UPDATE:  The killer, who had sworn allegiance to ISIS, was shot to death by an Italian police officer.

In other terrorist news, A security guard assassinated the Russian ambassador to Turkey.  The murderer, whose crime was caught on video, shouted jihadist slogans condemning Russia’s involvement in Syria and the killing of civilians in Aleppo.

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Suspect in mall shootings arrested

On Friday, someone shot up a Macy’s make-up counter in Burlington, Washington, killing four women–aged 16 to 95–and a man.  A suspect has been arrested:  20-year-old Arcan Cetin, a Muslim from Turkey.  He has a record of assaulting his step-father, drunk driving, and selling drugs.  Police say they don’t yet know a motive, but they aren’t ruling out terrorism.

So surely this couldn’t be Islamic terrorism, some might say.  This guy is certainly not a good Muslim, what with his indulgence in forbidden substances and disrespect for his father.

But acts of jihad often grow out of a guilty conscience, a way to achieve self-atonement and forgiveness for one’s sins. [Read more…]

Terrorist attacks in New York, New Jersey, & Minnesota

On Saturday, a pressure-cooker style bomb in a dumpster went off in Manhattan, injuring 29 people.  Earlier, a pipe bomb in a garbage can exploded just after a 5K run in New Jersey. No one was hurt.  (Authorities are saying that there is no evidence as of right now that the bombings are the result of “international terrorism,”  as opposed to local terrorism.)

Meanwhile that day in St. Cloud, Minnesota, a man shouting Islamic slogans stabbed eight people in a shopping mall before he was killed by an off-duty police officer.  ISIS is claiming that the attacker was one of their “soldiers.”

Miraculously, in these three attacks, no one, other than the Minnesota terrorist, was killed.

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Pope plans to canonize priest killed by terrorists

Pope Francis says that he wants to make Father Jacques Hamel, the French priest killed by Islamic terrorists as he was celebrating mass, a saint.  The usual miracles are not necessary, it turns out, because Father Hamel was martyred for his faith.  The pope also said that the persecution of Christians is satanic. [Read more…]

The 9/11 attacks 15 years later

Yesterday was the 15th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks.  I remember the shock and the horror of that day, watching it all unfold on television.  I also remember the unity that Americans felt in the aftermath–how we all pulled together, the emotions we all shared, from grief about those 3,000 who died to inspiration from those rescue workers who gave their own lives for others.  There was a palpable sense of patriotism in the days that followed the attacks, uniting conservatives and liberals, Democrats and Republicans, ordinary folks and the cultural elite.

I even thought that postmodernism might be over.  People were talking about good and evil, as if they were moral absolutes.  There wasn’t much moral relativism or cultural relativism when it came to the terrorists and what they did to our country.  And those planes flying into those buildings were not a “construction” of our own minds.  Truth must exist after all.

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What’s been missing at the Democratic convention

What’s been missing at the Democratic National Convention?

(1)  American flags.  The first night, there were Palestinian flags on the convention floor.  Outside, Bernie Sander’s socialist followers flew the red banner with the hammer and sickle of the Soviet flag.  But no Old Glory.  Not until an article in the Daily Caller pointed out the absence of the American flag, in stark contrast with the Republican convention where the stars and stripes were everywhere.  Whereupon the Democrats brought in some.

(2)  References to terrorism.  Fact-checkers confirmed that none of the 61 speakers on the first day of the convention mentioned the words terror, terrorism, terrorist, Islamic, or ISIS.  There was scant mention Tuesday, but Wednesday’s emphasis on foreign policy did include talk about terrorism.

What else has been missing?

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