Oberlin students demand end to grades below C

Students at Oberlin, which has the reputation as a good school, are demanding that the administration abolish any grades below C.  And while they are at it, they should abolish midterms and essay questions, replacing them with a conversation with a professor.  Their reasoning is that they have too much to do, what with their activism on top of their course loads.  Also, they are paying for their attendance and need to get what they want from it. [Read more…]

Thus passes the glory of the world

Aubrey McClendon, founder of Chesapeake Energy, was one of Oklahoma City’s most prominent citizens.  So it was a juicy story when a federal grand jury indicted him for conspiring with another oil company to not bid against each other on oil leases.  So on Wednesday the lead, front-page, top-of-the-fold story in the Daily Oklahoman was about McClendon’s indictment and alleged misdeeds.

McClendon forcefully denied that he had done anything wrong, but the embarrassment must have been too much for him.  Later that day, he drove his SUV at high speed into a bridge abutment in an apparent suicide.

The very next day after the negative story the whole issue of the newspaper was full of his praises.  Thursday’s edition  led with the lead, front-page, top-of-the-fold headline “Energy Leader Leaves Behind Legacy.”  The lead editorial was “McClendon’s Contributions Changed City for the Better.”   [Read more…]

Zika virus or pesticide?

The Zika virus is associated with rare birth defect microcephaly, but no causal connection has yet been established and anomalies keep cropping up.  Though much of Latin America is plagued with the mosquito-borne Zika virus, the vast majority of the birth defects are found in Brazil.  And a significant number of microcephaly cases are being found with patients that never had Zika.

A group of Argentinian doctors is arguing that the birth defects are not being caused by Zika at all but by a pesticide put in the water supply of the most affected areas to kill mosquito larva. [Read more…]

The life uniform movement

Have you heard of the “life uniform” movement?  It involves wearing the same kind of clothes–e.g., blue Levis and a black T-shirt–every day.  That’s what Steve Jobs did.  An article in Christianity Today tries to turn this particular fashion choice into an act of piety. [Read more…]

Camille Paglia unchained

Camille Paglia is a leftist who lambastes leftists and appreciates conservatives.  She is a feminist who critiques feminists and defends men.  She is an atheist who excoriates atheists and respects religion.  Her commentaries on contemporary culture are unfailingly outrageous, provocative, and stimulating.  Also hilarious.  She is the scourge of political correctness and an iconoclast of secularist pieties.  For her take on Bill Cosby, the Clintons, Jon Stewart, media bias, the 2016 presidential candidates, and more, read her  interview in Salon here and here and here.


Jesus vs. Christ

Chuck Queen, a progressive Baptist, says that “Jesus is not the same as Christ.”  The historical Jesus is one thing, but “Christ” is cosmic, embracing non-Christians as well as Christians.

This gives us a lucid glimpse into liberal theology, how they can use the historical-critical approach to Scripture (saying that we can know little about the historical Jesus), while still talking about “Christ” in a universalist way.  But it also shows the importance of Christology.  And the danger of thinking that the creeds of the historic church are unnecessary.

In addition to violating St. Peter’s confession (“thou [Jesus] art the Christ”) and St. John’s warning about antichrist, who denies that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh (1 John 4:2-3), Rev. Queen is committing an array of ancient heresies.  Like what? [Read more…]