Conform to reality or subdue reality?

Justin Taylor quotes from C. S. Lewis’s The Abolition of Man.  Peter Kreeft calls these lines “the single most illuminating three sentences I have ever read about our civilization.”

Read those three sentences after the jump.

Then consider what Kreeft says about them and my point about how one of these ways of thinking can now be found virtually everywhere in contemporary life.
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“Pregnant people”

14985289434_e16abb6239_zThe British Medical Association has issued guidelines saying that to avoid offending the transgendered,  health workers should not refer to “pregnant women.”  Rather, say, “pregnant people.”

After all, a biological female–no, that wording is forbidden too; we must say “assigned female”–who identifies as a man can have a baby.  And since we must go by self-identification, that means that men can be pregnant.

The Transgender movement has at least destroyed feminism.  Now that men can claim the identity of women, and vice versa, among the radically correct, it makes no sense to so much as refer to “women.”  Or “men.”  Thus, the feminist-inspired March for Women also proved offensive to the transgendered.

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Democrats hope to come back by going left

The_hand_that_will_rule_the_worldDemocrats strategizing over how to overcome their recent defeats now have a plan:  go left.

They are reasoning that they can get back those working class voters who chose Trump.  After all, Trump’s populist economics promises–including protectionism, job protection, and more jobs–goes along with what Democrats used to stand for, before the party embraced globalism and Wall Street.

The Democrats believe that the cultural issues are still to their advantage, so they are going to emphasize their social liberalism even more.   After all, Trump is quite pro-gay, and that didn’t hurt him.

And Bernie Sanders, the socialist, was their one candidate who really created enthusiasm.

Normally, defeated parties try to go to the center, as David Weigel shows after the jump, but this time Democrats are going to purge their flirtation with moderation–begun by Bill Clinton–and become even more extreme.

Do you think this strategy will work?

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Gift ideas: Reading Romans with Luther

Reading Romans with LutherLet’s start a series of posts on ideas for Christmas presents!  Here is a good one:  Reading Romans with Luther.  It’s by R. J. Grunewald, a sometime commenter here at the Cranach blog.

Luther’s greatest theological works are his commentaries on Scripture, such was his concern to adhere closely to the text of God’s Word.  One of his greatest works is his commentary on Romans, the epistle in which St. Paul explores the Gospel of salvation through the work of Christ in its depths.  Here is the Law & Gospel, the universality of sin, the grace of God, the gift of Christ, the Cross, Baptism, good works, Christian freedom–it’s all here!

But the book of Romans can be tough going.  Luther’s commentary unpacks it, but it can be tough going too.  In this book, Grunewald unpacks both of them.  Jumping back and forth from the Bible, the Commentary, and his own contemporary applications, Grunewald leads you into deep understanding and insight. [Read more…]

Macy’s drops Planned Parenthood

256px-Macy's_christmasMacy’s department store no longer funds or matches contributions to Planned Parenthood.  Neither do AT&T, Coca-Cola, Ford, and Xerox.  For a list of big corporations that still do fund the abortion provider, click the link after the jump.

We’ll see if the biggest funder of Planned Parenthood has a similar change of heart:  namely, the United States government.

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What Trump will do on his very first day

Donald Trump announced a series of executive actions that he will put in place on his very first day in office.

From Trump announces executive actions for Day One – POLITICO:

President-elect Donald Trump released a recorded video message to the nation Monday evening, in which he outlined several executive actions he plans to take on his first day in office.

“I am going to issue our notification of intent to withdraw from the Trans-Pacific Partnership,” Trump began, vowing to withdraw from the trade agreement with 11 other countries that was pushed by President Barack Obama. Trump said he will instead negotiate bilateral trade deals that “bring jobs and industry” back to the country. [Read more…]