More martyrs for faith & freedom

ISIS now has a presence in Libya, and the group has beheaded 21 Coptic Christians from Egypt, a dramatic modern-day example of Christians dying for their faith reminiscent of early church martyrdom.

Also, a Danish discussion of the free speech controversy–including one of the Danish cartoonists whose life was threatened a few years ago for his depictions of the Muslim prophet, but including also voices more sympathetic to the jihadists–was shot up by a terrorist, killing two and wounding five. [Read more…]

State of the Union

So what did you think of President Obama’s State of the Union address?  Notice how the president is bolder just as his proposals have less of a chance passing, thanks to the Republican domination of both houses of Congress.  And this higher energy liberalism is sending his popularity ratings back up.  But here is my question:  How would YOU describe the state of the union?

Two songs, two kinds of piety

On the road over the holidays, I heard on the radio these two songs, one right after the other.  It occurred to me that they represent two different kinds of piety, two different kinds of “relationships with Jesus Christ.”  Listen to them after the jump.  What’s the difference?  [Read more…]

Boehner holds on and takes revenge

The Republicans took over the Legislative Branch today.  Despite an attempt to oust him as Speaker of the House, John Boehner was re-elected to his third term.  Now he is taking revenge against the Congressmen who opposed him. [Read more…]

Top 10 blog posts countdown

There are 10 blogging days until New Year’s, so as part of our year-end, look-back observances, we will count down the year’s most popular blog posts (by pageviews) here at Cranach.  The reason some posts get far more views than others is that they get picked up by Reddit or the equivalent, get linked to at numerous other blogs and websites, are topics lots of people search for, and I’m not sure why else.  (I suspect some teachers are assigning posts, giving me a captive audience.)  It’s interesting that large numbers of page views do not always translate into large numbers of comments.

Person of the Year

Time’s Persons of the Year are the Ebola fighters.  I think that’s a pretty good choice.  A good many of them are missionaries, who, in the accompanying story, explain their faith and why they risk their lives to help those who are suffering.

Our custom at this blog is for commenters to propose other people for Person of the Year.  Who would be some good candidates? [Read more…]