The Batman killings

So what can we say about the shootings in that Aurora, Colorado, movie theater?

I’m sure we’ll learn more about the details–already I’m hearing different accounts–in regards to the 24-year-old James Holmes who is in custody for killing some 12 people and wounding more than 50 others at the Batman movie.

Was he a crazed fan, acting out the role of the Joker, as has been reported (and disputed)? Is it time, as some will no doubt argue, to repeal the 2nd Amendment?

Things that didn’t happen

But that we thought might happen. . . . .

Apparently, Fidel Castro did NOT take up the Christian faith or rejoin the Roman Catholic Church during the Pope’s visit.

That Iranian Christian who was facing the death penalty was not executed, “just” sentenced to nine years in prison.

Solar flares did not knock out the internet or our GPS devices.

What else didn’t happen?

These technical difficulties

No sooner had I trumpeted the return of this blog than the whole thing went down again. We were online for about an hour. Now we seem to be back. I’ll put up some posts and we can pretend this blog week never happened. (If the problems continue, at least you’ll know of the server woes.)

This is the problem with post-humanist cyborg mystics who have the dream of downloading everyone’s consciousness into the internet so that we can dispense with the human body and live forever. When the servers crash, there won’t be anybody to fix them!

We’re back online!

Finally! Long time no see. This blog went down on May 1 and just came up again the night of May 3. According to our hosting people, the server went down and then they had trouble moving everything over to a new one. I don’t understand why it took so long to zap some electronic files from one place to another.In that time I could have loaded all of my possessions into a moving van, driven halfway across the country, and moved everything into a new house.

At any rate, we’re back. I think. Sorry for the inconvenience. I appreciated hearing from some of you who were worried and whose loyalty to this blog is so great that when you couldn’t get to it your whole day was thrown off.

Thanks to Todd for hassling with the hosting company for me, and thanks to the tech people there who finally got things working.

Bonus day

Today is the added day for Leap Year, February 29. Once every four years we get an extra day in the year. Consider it a bonus. Treat it like a gift!

State of the Union

I always make a point of watching the annual state of the union address–no matter who the president is– as a sort of patriotic discipline. But I was not able to watch it last night. What did I miss? What did you learn?