The Reformation Polka

Thanks to Bob Waters at Watersblogged! for putting me on to this. I’d like to learn more about the creators of this little work of art:

What about Duncan Hunter?

The presidential candidate with the most solidly conservative credentials and positions has to be Duncan Hunter. Why aren’t conservatives rallying around him? Should they? Does anyone have any insights about this particular candidate?

The Vocation of Hollywood Writers

I am taking no position on the writers’ strike that is sending late-night comedy shows into re-runs and halting some Hollywood productions. I will just draw your attention to a group that usually receives no attention, though they are the creative source of what makes money for the famous people.

Jay Leno is not funny of himself. He does not make up his jokes. He delivers them well, which is to his credit, but his jokes are made-up by writers.

As has been said elsewhere, many people seem to assume that actors make up their dialogue as they go and are responsible for the movies they star in. No, actors recite lines from a script that someone had to write.

People go to movies because their favorite movie star is in it. More sophisticated folks go to movies because of their favorite director. But almost no one goes to a movie because it was written by their favorite screenwriter. In fact, the screenwriter’s name can hardly be found, unless you are patient enough to sit through the credits at the end, where a sharp eye can note the screenwriters, along with the key grip, the gaffer, and the caterer.

Yes, movie and television scripts are usually the product of many writers working together and rewriting each other’s contributions. And the director does have the final say, often re-working the lines and the story as the movie is being made. This, of course, adds to the indignity of the writers’ position, since their original intention is seldom honored or even respected. Still, whenever you come across funny lines, plot twists, clever dialogue, and profound themes, thank the writer.

The Evangelical Democrat

The candidate who is arguably injecting the most Christianity into his campaign–trumpeting his religiosity in every speech, asking what would Jesus do as a basis for public policy, and mixing the spiritual and the temporal kingdoms–is John Eaves, running for governor in Mississippi. He is a Democrat.

Mr. Eaves says, “I am a Democrat because I am a Christian.” He is pro-life, anti-gay marriage, and conservative on other social issues. But what makes him a Democrat is his stance against “mammon.” He has a populist economic philosophy that makes him oppose big business, moneyed-interests, and the wealthy in general. He is the champion of the poor, like he thinks Jesus was. Could you support someone like that, or does he make you see what can go wrong with Christianity in politics?

How about Ron Paul?

There are many permutations of where a person can stand politically. Texas congressman Ron Paul, who has just raised a boatload of money, is running for the GOP presidential nomination as a socially-conservative, pro-life libertarian. He is anti-Iraq war and anti-illegal immigration. He is a champion of civil liberties and of limited government. He believes that the government should do nothing that is not specified in the constitution. And he is an active, conservative Christian, raised as an ELCA Lutheran though presently a Baptist. Check out this useful site specifying where the candidate stands on the whole array of issues. I know some people who support him strongly. How do you think he measures up?

Football Thoughts

Well, evil won over good in the Patriot’s victory over the Colts, so Western civilization is doomed, but we already knew that. Meanwhile, the Packers have the same record as the Colts, with Brett Favre enjoying a remarkable second wind in his stellar career. As an Oklahoma Sooner, I am proud of how team-alumnus Adrian Peterson broke the NFL single-gamerushing record by pouring on 296 yards for the Vikings, and this as a mere rookie! Another ex-Sooner distinguishing himself is former offense coach Mark Mangino, the big, big man who is now head coach at the University of Kansas. That team came from nowhere, unranked and unheralded, and is undefeated, with a 9-0 record. The Jayhawks are now ranked #5 nationally, are #4 in the BCS computer rankings, and are #2 in both scoring offense and scoring defense. This reminds me that, just as I attended the University of Oklahoma, I also attended the University of Kansas, and this performance is stirring within me long-dormant loyalties and school spirit.