Abortionist on “euthanizing” the baby

485887741_47b1ffc999_zAn abortion clinic in Albuquerque will abort a baby at any stage through all nine months of a woman’s pregnancy.

An undercover call recorded one of the abortionists offering to abort a child at 30 weeks–7 and a half months, old enough to survive outside the womb.

And the procedure would be to first “euthanize” the baby–showing the abortionists know exactly what they are doing, in killing an actual child–then induce labor, so that the mother gives birth to a stillborn infant (so that the mother “has the baby” after all). [Read more…]

Supreme Court’s new pro-abortion decision

Some states have imposed regulations on abortion clinics–such as requiring abortionists to have admitting privileges at local hospitals and making the clinics meet the standards for outpatient surgery–that have been shutting them down, grisly hell-holes that they are.  But now the Supreme Court has overturned those health and safety regulations, ruling, 5-3, that they amount to an unconstitutional barrier to a woman’s right to an abortion. [Read more…]

Supreme Court to hear big abortion case–without Scalia

One of the most successful tactics of the pro-life movement has been to pass state laws requiring that abortion clinics measure up to the standards required of hospitals and other surgical centers.  Since most of abortion mills are unsanitary hell-holes, few can comply and they have to shut down.

Texas passed such a law, and half their abortuaries have shut down, going from 40 to 20.  But then the Supreme Court put a hold on the law; otherwise, only 10 would remain.

On Wednesday, the Supreme Court will hear the case.  It will do so, however, without the late Antonin Scalia, who was consistently pro-life.  But if there is a 4-4 split, the Texas law will stand, since it was upheld by an appeals court.  Similar laws in other states, though, have been overturned by courts, and a split decision will mean those overturns will also stand. [Read more…]

Appeals court upholds abortion restrictions

Pro-lifers have been battling abortion on the state level by pushing legislation requiring that abortion clinics meet the same standards as hospitals and other surgical centers.  This has been putting abortion clinics out of business.

Pro-abortion activists have challenged those laws.  But a federal appeals court has ruled that the state of Texas, which enacted one of the strictest set of regulations, has every right to regulate abortion clinics in this way.  This sets up an appeal to the Supreme Court.  But, in the meantime, the number of abortion clinics in Texas will dwindle from 41 to 7. [Read more…]

Supremes throw out restrictions on sidewalk counseling

In a major pro-life victory, the Supreme Court overturned laws providing “buffer zones” outside abortion clinics and other restrictions on the sidewalk counseling that attempts to talk women out of aborting their children.  This was yet another unanimous vote.  (The justices, both conservative and liberal, have been finding that the Constitution speaks clearly on at least some issues after all.) [Read more…]

Abortion Clinics Closing at Record Rate

The pro-life movement is winning some major victories on the ground.  The result is that abortion clinics are closing in record numbers. [Read more…]