That video we blogged about showing a Planned Parenthood official coldly discussing how they conduct abortions in such a way so as to maximize organ harvesting was picked up by the mainstream media and has sparked much outrage across the spectrum.

Planned Parenthood claims that the prices quoted ($30 and $100 for fresh fetal organs) were just shipping and handling charges, not sales, which would be illegal, something Congress will be investigating.   Though the abortionists are insisting that they were simply donating the tissue for scientific purposes, the filmers were posing as customers wanting to buy organs.   Pro-abortion zealots, of course, defended Planned Parenthood, though most people, including many liberals, were appalled.  (See Who had the worst week in Washington? Planned Parenthood. – The Washington Post.)

After the jump, read Michael Gerson’s column in the Washington Post about the way the woman on the video and abortion apologists are guilty of dehumanization. [Read more…]

Planned Parenthood trafficking in fetal organs?

A tape has emerged of the Senior Director of Planned Parenthood’s Medical Services Department talking about performing abortions to minimize organ damage so that the fetus’s liver, heart, and lungs can be sold.  Trafficking in fetal tissue is a felony that can be punished by 10 years in prison and a half million dollar fine.

After the jump, read the quotations and the discussion by Dominic Bouck.  Then see the video for yourself.

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How Christianity humanized children

One of the many cultural influences of Christianity, observes Eric Metaxas, discussing a book on the subject, was the practice of treating children as human beings of great value.  That was not how children were treated in the ancient pre-Christian world.  Notice too that now that the Christian cultural consensus is unravelling, we have already dehumanized the unborn child and have started to dehumanize infants. [Read more…]

Hillary says “religious beliefs. . .have to be changed”

Hillary Clinton says that “religious beliefs. . .have to be changed” when they interfere with “reproductive health care” (that is, abortion).  And pro-abortion laws “have to be backed up with resources and political will.”

Notice that she doesn’t say “religious beliefs have to change.”  That would arguably be bad enough, but it allows for religions to change themselves, from within, perhaps over time.  Instead, she said religious beliefs have to “be changed.”  The passive construction here means  that religious beliefs have to be acted upon from the outside.  Nor did she say, “religious beliefs should change,” expressing a moral opinion. No, they “have to” be changed, an imperative, as in giving an order.  Then when she throws in that line about “political will,” the language is clearly that of government suppression.

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Universities recruiting girls to have late-term abortions

The University of Hawaii and the University of Washington-Seattle are recruiting girls as young as 14 to have second-trimester abortions, as part of a research study on those kill-and-dismember procedures. [Read more…]

Abortion as “social good” still has a stigma

The stigma against having a baby out of wedlock has faded.  And the stigma against having an abortion continues.   Some pro-abortion activists are trying to erase that stigma by making the case that abortion is nothing to feel bad about and is, in fact, a “social good.”  But those efforts are flying in the face of  women’s real experience.  So says Gary Bauer, who gives the details and the statistics. [Read more…]