Bullying and intolerance at Yale

For Halloween, the administration at Yale issued dictates about Halloween costumes, lest anyone be offended.  A lecturer, who along with her professor husband, is “master” of a residential college, responded with a learned e-mail pointing out that it might not be so bad for a little blonde girl to dress up as Mulan, Disney’s Asian princess (apparently one of the forbidden costumes) and that Yale college students should be able to dress up however they wish.  For this, she and her husband are being accused of racism, among other thought crimes, and hundreds of students are rallying to get them fired.  Those who disagree are getting harassed and spit upon.

Now Conor Fridersdorf of the Atlantic has published an in depth expose of the incident and the climate of bullying, intolerance, intimidation, and anti-intellectualism at Yale.  It’s a must read.  (I post the introduction and a link after the jump.) [Read more…]

Catholic teaching not allowed at Catholic university?

Marquette is a Roman Catholic institution affiliated with the Jesuit order, one member of which is Pope Francis.  According to Catholic author Howard Kainz, Marquette has suspended and banned from campus a tenured professor for saying that arguments against gay marriage should be allowed to be discussed in class.   Meanwhile, a theology professor who advocates abortion and now considers himself an atheist keeps teaching, with no questions asked. [Read more…]

Replacing academic freedom with academic “justice”

The hard-core left just does not believe in the concept of individual freedom, as is evident wherever that ideology has had its way (in the former Soviet Union, the People’s Republic of China, North Korea, Cuba, etc., etc.).  So it shouldn’t be surprising that the concept of academic freedom as it applies to conservatives is under interrogation. [Read more…]

Universities partnering with dictators

That blind Chinese dissident who was under house arrest for opposing forced abortion and escaped to the United States was given an academic appointment at New York University. But it’s being pulled now, some say because the university wants to open a satellite campus in China.  Jackson Diehl tells of other major universities that seem willing to throw out their commitment to academic freedom in order to land lucrative deals with dictatorial regimes. [Read more…]