Women vs. women

Please notice that I am not saying this.  A feminist is saying this.  I myself don’t believe it and am personally offended on behalf of women everywhere.  But this is what Anne Kornblut says in her book Notes from the Cracked Ceiling, an account of the political campaigns of Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin and why women have a hard time in politics:

<blockquote>”Female candidates also have to remember that women can be deeply suspicious and critical of one another. . . . [A] group of female advisers could have gently reminded the McCain men that women are not always thrilled to see a young, attractive woman step into the limelight, and they might need to prepare for the long knives.” </blockquote>

Is there anything to this?  If so, where else does this phenomenon manifest itself?

via Book review: ‘Notes from the Cracked Ceiling’ by Anne Kornblut – washingtonpost.com.