Supremes to consider Arizona’s immigration law

The Supreme Court will rule on whether or not the federal government can overrule Arizona’s strict immigration laws.  This is only one of some big cases the Supremes have taken on:

The Supreme Court on Monday intervened in another high-profile case testing the authority of the federal government, saying it will review Arizona’s crackdown on illegal immigrants, which inspired similar state efforts across the country.

Next month, the court will hear an emergency appeal from Texas that questions the role of federal courts in overseeing the deeply partisan issue of political re­districting. And in March, the court has scheduled 51 / 2 hours of oral arguments over the constitutionality of President Obama’s health-care overhaul.

All will be decided before the court breaks for its summer recess and as the 2012 presidential and congressional campaigns move into high gear.

via Supreme Court to hear challenge to Arizona’s immigration law – The Washington Post.

Court overturns Arizona’s immigration law

Most of it, at least:

A U.S. judge has blocked the most controversial provisions of a new immigration law in the southwestern state of Arizona, one day before the measure was to go into effect.

The federal judge Wednesday blocked the part of the law that required police to check the immigration status of any person they stop for a violation and suspect is in the country illegally.

Judge Susan Bolton also put on hold a provision requiring immigrants to carry documentation at all times, and a measure that made it illegal for undocumented immigrants to seek work in public places.

via US Judge Blocks Key Parts of Arizona Immigration Law | News | English.

Arizona vs. illegal aliens

Arizona has passed a law cracking down on illegal immigrants, seeking them out and sending them back.  Now the state  is being vilified, condemned by Democrats like President Obama as well as Republicans like Tom Ridge.  The state of California is threatening to boycott all Arizona products, though some states like Texas are reportedly considering similar action.  See, for example, Tom Ridge Criticizes Arizona Immigration Bill – ABC News and this.

What do you think?  Is the Arizona law needlessly heartless?  Or reasonably enforcing its borders, something the federal government should be doing so the state shouldn’t have to?