Political developments

(1) Former presidential hopeful New Jersey governor Chris Christie endorsed Donald Trump for president.  This, after Christie repeatedly said during his campaign that Trump was not qualified to be president.  Now Christie is appearing with Trump, mocking Marco Rubio like he did in the recent debate.  Think he is jockeying to be Vice President?  This may be the beginning of former “establishment” Republicans jumping on the Trump bandwagon, hoping to hitch their ambitions to a winner.  (UPDATE:  It’s happening:  Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions has just endorsed Trump.)

(2)  Trump chalked up another endorsement from Klansman David Duke.  Trump refused to disavow his support, saying he doesn’t know enough about him and other white supremacists to turn down their endorsements.

(3) Trump tweeted a quotation from Mussolini–“It is better to live one day as a lion than 100 years as a sheep”– but claims he didn’t realize who said it, while still defending the quote.

(4) Hillary Clinton won the South Carolina Democratic primary on Saturday in a landslide.  She took 73.5% of the vote (43 delegates), to Bernie Sanders’ 26% (14 delegates).

(5) Black voters in South Carolina overwhelmingly supported Clinton over Sanders, 86% to 14%, a pattern that, if it holds, may doom his chances.  In fact, Super Tuesday could finish him off.

Bernie Sanders is a “none”

Bernie Sanders finally said where he stood on religion.  He is Jewish by birth, but, more precisely, he is a “none,” claiming no involvement with organized religion.  He told an interviewer that he believes in God in the sense that “all of us are connected.” [Read more…]

It could really be Trump vs. Sanders

Donald Trump really could win the Republican nomination.

Bernie Sanders really could win the Democratic nomination.

What if either one of them were elected?  If you support neither of these candidates, if they were the nominees, which would you vote for?  Of the two, which one do you think would win?

On Planned Parenthood’s endorsement of Hillary Clinton

As you may have heard, Planned Parenthood has endorsed Hillary Clinton for president, also giving her $20 million.  But isn’t Planned Parenthood a non-profit organization and so forbidden, like Christian ministries, from overt political involvement?  And since one-third of its income comes from the government, doesn’t that mean that tax dollars are funding a political campaign?

It turns out that Planned Parenthood has formed a separate advocacy group to be its political arm.  It presumably is financed by separate money.  Still, I remember how careful Christian organizations I’ve been involved have had to be to distance themselves from the very appearance of political involvement in order to protect their tax-exempt status.  When it is being said that “Planned Parenthood” is endorsing, rather than “the Planned Parenthood Action Fund,” that would normally invite IRS scrutiny.

Anyway, the endorsement may backfire, both against Planned Parenthood and against Mrs. Clinton.  Bernie Sanders supporters are furious at the endorsement and are pulling their funds from Planned Parenthood. [Read more…]

How socialism is working out

As socialism comes back in vogue in the United States, voters have overwhelmingly repudiated it in Venezuela. [Read more…]

Media union endorses Bernie Sanders

The Communications Workers of America endorsed the socialist candidate for the Democratic nomination for the presidency, Bernie Sanders. This is the biggest union to come out for Sanders, with most of the others supporting Hillary Clinton.

What most of the media reports about the CWA are omitting is that this is the union representing, along with telephone employees, newspaper workers (The Newspaper Guild) and broadcasters (National Association of Broadcasters). [Read more…]