“What are your preferred pronouns?”


In the Disco era, the opening get-to-know-you line was “What’s your sign?”  Before that, it was “What do you do for a living?”  Or “where are you from?”  Now in our gender-fluid era we are told to ask “What are your preferred pronouns?”

Not just “he-his-him” and “she-her-her-”, which must now be used according to the person’s preference rather than biology, but also the newly-coined pronouns invented to fit the new gender smorgasbord or the canons of gender neutrality: “ze-hir-hir”; “ze-zem-zir”;  “ey-eir-em”; etc., etc.

What’s unsettling is that this suggestion comes from the Canadian police.  Our friendly neighbor to the north has passed a law that potentially criminalizes addressing someone with the wrong pronouns, counting it as a hate crime. [Read more…]

All Canada doctors & nurses must kill patients on demand

Canada is implementing its new euthanasia policy with new guidelines that will require doctors and nurses to kill their patients if requested, and there will be no opt-out on the basis of religion or conscience.  Wesley Smith gives the details, commenting, “I have never seen a society jump so enthusiastically into the abyss that is the culture of death as Canada has in the last year.”
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Canada goes dynastic with new prime minister

The United States is flirting with dynastic politics in choosing between another Bush and another Clinton.  Now Canada has gone ahead and chosen the son of Pierre Trudeau, prime minister in the 1970s and 1980s, to be their new prime minister.  Justin Trudeau and his liberal party defeated incumbent Stephen Harper and his conservatives.

You Canadian readers, please tell us what this means.  How much further to the left will this take Canada?  What were the issues and what new policies do you expect from Trudeau II?

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Gay marriage & civil liberties in Canada

Gay marriage won’t affect anyone else but the same-sex couples who now can get married, we are told.  It certainly won’t have an impact on anyone’s civil liberties.  Well, it has in Canada.  So says Dawn Stefanowicz, writing for the Witherspoon Institute. [Read more…]

Terrorists attack Canada

Days after Islamic terrorists used a car to kill a soldier in Ottawa–Canada’s capital–a terrorist killed another soldier at the National War Memorial and rushed inside the Canadian Parliament building.  After some 30 shots were fired, a Sergeant-of-arms killed the attacker.  Mounties reportedly were searching for other gunmen throughout the city. [Read more…]

How Canada is excluding the pro-life agenda

The head of Canada’s Liberal Party has decreed that all new candidates running for parliament in his party–or is it running for any office? that part isn’t clear to me–must be pro-abortion.  The socialist New Democratic party has a similar policy.  The Conservatives will allow pro-lifers to run for office, but they are not allowed to bring up the issue.

Thus all major Canadian political parties–there are some smaller ones that pro-lifers can presumably join–are working together to exclude the pro-life cause from political consideration.  Think something like that could happen in the USA?

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