Child sacrifice

Molech_babylonAuthorities and Christian ministries are fighting a major problem in Uganda: child sacrifice.

Many animists believe that sacrificing children can bring them wealth.

Witchdoctors carry out the sacrifices, either killing the child or mutilating him or her to collect blood and organs thought to bestow special powers.  So some children survive, but with gruesome injuries.

A traffic has emerged, with kidnappers stealing children and selling them for sacrifice. [Read more…]

Child sacrifice then and now

Collin Garbarino tells of a controversy in archaeology about whether or not the ancient Carthaginians practiced child sacrifice, as the Romans always said they did.  Recently, evidence has arisen that they did, in fact, sacrifice children.  Some archaeologists, though, just won’t believe it.

Mr. Garbarino says that the Carthaginians sacrificed children for the same reason we do. [Read more…]