Treating pets like children

Lazy_corgi_(5624163644)Young adults are not having children, much.  But they are having pets in great number.  And they are apparently channeling their parental instincts into their pets.

We can now hear 30-something men and women calling dogs or cats “my children,” “fur-babies,” “kids,” “girls,” “boys,” or “sons and daughters” and themselves their pet’s “mommy” or “daddy.”

I have known elderly people who do this, and I have a great tolerance for it.  But young adults?  Millennials?  Pets not as companions but as children substitutes?

My fellow Patheos blogger G. Shane Morris, writing in The Federalist, discusses this phenomenon, taking a hard line against certain members of his generation. [Read more…]

Less than half of American children live with both parents

There are lots of disturbing statistics that get thrown out by every latest study.  Phil Lawler identifies the most disturbing of all, the one that has the most devastating implications for our society, our culture, and our people:  Fewer than half of our children today, 46%, live with both of their parents. [Read more…]

The happiest parents have four or more kids

An Australian family has found that the happiest parents are those with four or more children. [Read more…]

How Christianity humanized children

One of the many cultural influences of Christianity, observes Eric Metaxas, discussing a book on the subject, was the practice of treating children as human beings of great value.  That was not how children were treated in the ancient pre-Christian world.  Notice too that now that the Christian cultural consensus is unravelling, we have already dehumanized the unborn child and have started to dehumanize infants. [Read more…]

Cranach’s “Christ Blessing the Children”

One of my favorite Cranach paintings is “Christ Blessing the Children.”  See a discussion after the break.



HT:  Rev. Anthony R. Voltattorni, Young Children Saying The Same Thing As Christ | Alien Righteousness.  (Read this post for a modern-day application.)

[Read more…]

Does having kids make you less happy?

Raising kids is hard, stressful, and exhausting.  A new book goes so far as to say that having kids actually makes people less happy than people without them.  The author does say, however, that having kids gives something different than happiness:  joy.

After the jump, a review of Jennifer Senior’s book,  All Joy and No Fun: The Paradox of Modern Parenthood, along with some reflections. [Read more…]