The day Mary conceived our Lord

Today is Annunciation Day, celebrating the day the angel Gabriel appeared to Mary and told her that she would bear, through the Holy Spirit, Christ the Savior.   Think of the implications of this conception:  Christ the embryo, Christ the Fetus!

Here is Luther preaching on Annunciation Day:

It almost seems as though God is at enmity with the world. Present conditions are so shameful all around us in the world, as God allows murderous mobs and rabble, so much violence and so much misfortune to prevail, so that we might think God is only Lord and God of the angels and that he has forgotten about mankind.

But here in our text (Luke 1:26ff) we see that he befriends us humans like no other creatures, in the very closest possible relationship, and in turn, we humans have a closer relationship with God than any other creature. Sun and moon are not as close to us as is God, for he comes to us in our own flesh and blood. God not only rules over us, not only lives in us, but personally became a human being.

This is the grace we celebrate today, thanking God that he has cleansed our sinful conception and birth through his holy conception and birth, and removed the curse from us and blessed us. (HP III:292,293)

via Rev. William Weedon.