The Silver Chair will reboot the Narnia movies

Plans to film the Chronicles of Narnia are back on, as plans have firmed up for a movie version of the Silver Chair.

This time, the studio producing the movies will be Sony–not Disney, which made the first three but then gave up on the project.  And Sony has taken the huge step of hiring a notable director:  Joe Johnston, who has given us Captain America, Honey, I Shrunk the Kids,  Jumanji, and Jurassic Park III.

There is reportedly a script, by writer David Magee (Life of Pi), but now that a director has been hired it will probably be re-written.  Then comes casting, pre-production, production, post-production. . . .

So exactly when the Silver Chair will come to the silver screen is not known.  But it’s coming!
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How our politicized media would review the Narnia books

Our media is highly politicized across the spectrum, obsessed–pro- or con- or somewhere in between–with the Donald Trump phenomenon.  No one can escape it!  And in print, on screen, and online pundits are interpreting non-Trump phenomena in Trumpian terms.

My former student John Ehrett, of whom I am proud, has a hilarious piece in The Federalist about what various outlets would say if The Chronicles of Narnia were to be published today.

He looks at 21 media outlets, from The New York Times to Patheos, and nails the sensibility and obsessions of each one.

Samples after the jump.
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C. S. Lewis on the salvation of Susan

One of the unsettling details in the Chronicles of Narnia is that Susan, one of the original four children who stumble into the wardrobe, does not go into Aslan’s country at the conclusion of the series.  She is apparently an apostate, who came to prefer worldly shallow concerns like “nylons and lipstick and invitations” to Narnia.  Symbolically, she seemed to be rejecting the Christianity that Narnia means, signifying her damnation.

And yet, a child back in C. S. Lewis’s day asked the author about this, and he gave a very different answer.  Jeremy Lott tells about it, and poses a challenge of his own. [Read more…]

No more Narnia movies?

The prospects for more Narnia movies in the near future are not good, as Walden Media, which produced the first three,  has lost the rights to the novels.

Fans of popular book series The Chronicles of Narnia have been left in limbo over when, or even if, they will see a new movie from the franchise on the big screen.

Walden Media, which produced the first three Narnia films – “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe” (2005), “Prince Caspian” (2008) and “The Voyage of the Dawn Treader” (2010), apparently no longer hold the rights to the movies. What is more, the C.S. Lewis Estate must wait a number of years before they can resell them to Walden or another studio, revealed.

Douglas Gresham, the stepson of C. S. Lewis, confirmed the news in a radio interview to Middle-Earth radio back in October. ChristianCinema posted an excerpt from the conversation:

“If you’re aware Walden’s contract with the [C S Lewis] Company has expired, that’s true. And that leaves us in a situation that, for a variety of reasons, we cannot immediately produce another Narnian Chronicle movie. But it is my hope that the Lord will spare me and keep me fit and healthy enough so that in three or four years time we can start production on the next one,” Gresham said.

The exact length of time that the estate has to wait has not been reported, but if Gresham’s hopes that production can only begin with within the next three or four years come true, fans may have to wait another six or seven years before the movie is finalized and ready for the big screen.

Michael Flaherty, co-founder and president of Walden Media, shared in an interview with The Christian Post back in March that the company was planning to make The Magician’s Nephew, and not The Silver Chair, as the next Narnia movie, which is a prequel to the very first book in the series. However, now it is unclear whether Walden will be able to reclaim the rights, or which movie a new production company would like to do.

via ‘Narnia 4’ Movie in Limbo; Likely Several Years Before Production Begins, Christian News.