“The way of life” vs. “The way of death”


“I believe that as an abortion provider, I am doing God’s work.”  So says Dr. Willie Parker, an abortionist who insists that he is a Christian.  New York Times columnist  Nicholas Kristof, in profiling him, claims that the conservative Christian consensus that abortion is murder is a late development, that the Bible doesn’t address the issue and that evangelicals often approved of it until just a few decades ago.

The estimable Dr. Al Mohler refutes all of this.  He admits, though, that one of Kristof’s points is valid:  Many evangelicals did approve of abortion or take a “moderate” position on the topic.  This was true even of the Southern Baptist Convention and Christianity Today up through the early 1970s.  (I believe anti-Catholicism had something to do with this.  I’m curious too if there is a relationship between a church’s stance on abortion and its position on infant baptism–do any of you know?)

At any rate, Dr. Mohler says the anti-life position of many evangelicals up until Roe v. Wade was unconscionable.  But that soon evangelicals returned to the historical Christian position on the topic.  (I believe Francis Schaeffer had a big influence on this.)

As for the historical Christian position, there is no doubt about that.  After the jump, I excerpt from Dr. Mohler’s essay quotations from the early church, which addressed abortion explicitly and in depth. [Read more…]

Which denominations oppose abortion and which ones don’t

The Pew Research Center has put out a study of what position various religious bodies take on abortion.  We learn that the churches that take the strongest pro-life stance are the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod, Roman Catholic, Southern Baptist, Assemblies of God, and African Methodist.

Among other religions, the Mormons and Hindus are strongly pro-life.  Muslims, Buddhists, and Orthodox Jews have no position on the subject!

Some churches, such as Orthodox Christians, don’t seem to be represented in the study.  Other groups either support abortion with limits or support virtually all abortions.  See what they are after the jump.

What is it about these various traditions that would lead them to take the positions that they do?

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